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What's up with Dell Audio/ Maxxaudio 4?

It's taken some hard work to get things running smoothly, since I got the Windows 10 upgrade for my XPS 8500.  Recently I have (after everyone else has) wanted to take advantage of voice recognition and use Skype or similar apps.

I have a Logitech G35 Surround-sound headset was has been great for gaming, music and movies.  It has a microphone boom which seemed a logical choice to use for speech recognition.  But it took some fiddling to sort out the various audio in and outputs.  So to see if a solution lay in the "Dell Audio" app, aka MaxxAudio 4.

When I fired it up yesterday MaxxAudio's controls and menus all functioned and got my speech recognition working great.

Then today I used the app and nothing is functional on the menus.  It doesn't show all the I/O's and says "Please Attach Audio Device".

Oddly enough headset, surround sound and speech recognition all work OK for music, games movies...the lot.

SO: what's up with Maxxaudio 4 ...maybe the Windows 10 connection?

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