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Where is the Dimension 4600 Desktop System Software Driver?

I have just had to put a new HD in my Dimension 4600, and am at the point where I am loading drivers. The driver install order says that the first thing that must be installed is the Desktop System Software, found under the system utilities category on the drivers page. This does not exist though. I have my resource CD, which is where I was loading everything from, however it does not have this either. Should I just move on to the next driver, and assume this one isn't applicable? Will there be any that I need to install that arent on the resource CD (not including patches and updates of course)?


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Not all models will need the DSS. My really old Dimension 4100 doesn't need it.

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Those are probably generic instructions for reinstalling. Desktop System Software isn't listed on the drivers/download page for the 4600, so install the chipset driver rightt after XP and then follow that with video driver, audio, network, modem etc, in that order.


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Great, thanks for the help, both of you.

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