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XPS 720 cable to CAB-200 ???


I know i thought fancy a blue toothcard reader :) so bought on couple of quid with out cable. But thought unplug non bluetooth, plug in bluetooth.


I have a GH005 (non bluetooth CA-200) cable, which cable do i need ?

DU172 ?? JP034  ?? CY646 ?? i have searched and found very confusing answers so please help




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anyone ?
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Hi Giz,  

Sorry for the late response. Anyway, to cut my story short:

You'll need Part No: JP513, I've got both some good and bad news as follows:

Bad news: This cable is extremely very hard to find.

Good news:  Fortunately, I've found one link where you can purchase the last JP513 - Assembly Cable Stardust Dozer from IMPACT Computers

This is how I've found out about this cable the hard way, but here it goes...

After I've been racking my brains, getting very frustrated :emotion-12: especially I've purchased the wrong cable - CY646 from eBay. It works, however the cable is too, too short for my Dell XPS 720 especially leaving my CAB-200 hanging out from the side with the computer case open and realised it was exact the same cable used on my other Dell XPS 630I, after opening up my Dell XPS 630I case just to see out of my curiosity. I searched for another Bluetooth Media Reader Cable on eBay and found JP034, this time, I've send a eBay message to the Seller: computerparts409 asking is it suitable for my Dell XPS 720 PC, which the Seller replied back to me on 16-Sep-15 20:03 as follows:

Thank you for contacting us. We're only reselling the part using its DPN number which is JP034. we do not have the technical knowledge to help answer your question regarding compatibility. Please consult the manufacture to see if the module uses the JP034 cable.

I didn't know what to do, so I searched and found from Community, asking him with my following message on 21-Sep-15 2:44am:

Hi Chris,

Is the cable P/N: JP034 exactly the same as Dell 8" Bluetooth 19-in-1 Media Card Reader Flex Cable - Cable Assembly for Bluetooth Memory Card Reader, XPS 630I P/N: CY646?

Because I need it to connect my TEAC CAB-200 19-in-1 Media Card Reader with integrated Bluetooth module to my other Dell XPS 720 PC motherboard requiring roughly about either 19" or 20" inches long in length and the official P/N: CY646 cable is too short for Dell XPS 720 PC.


Which he has replied back to me on the same day around 2:25pm as follows:

You want part JP513.

JP034 = Bluetooth memory card reader cable for the XPS 420/430
CY646 = Bluetooth memory card reader cable for the XPS 625/630/730x
JP513 = Bluetooth memory card reader cable for the XPS 720/730

From there, I've searched the whole Google like mad for Dell Cable Assembly Stardust Dozer P/N: JP513 & Dell JP513, luckily, guess what has come up on 2nd page: JP513 - Assembly Cable Stardust Dozer - IMPACT Computers

clicked on it and had 3 in stock! I was over the moon! :emotion-2: YES!! I tried to order 2 of them from their web site to my UK address and pay via PayPal, unfortunately, I keep getting this error message:

United Parcel Service

110208: Missing/Illegal ShipTo/Address/CountryCode

I didn't give up, I called them about 5 times, thanks to my Sky Talk International Extra phone package but they keeping me on hold and then put the phone down.

So I called again the next day and eventually, I've got through to one of the Sales reps, originally I wanted to order 1, but I've changed my mind at the very last min and ordered 2 of them instead - extra one as for spare, just in case. Paid for both of them including UPS International (UPS Worldwide Saver - tracked) shipping to the UK with my Santander Credit Card (got charged extra £1.38 for Non-Sterling transaction Fee - but that's ok) over the phone, email confirmation send to my email address with a copy of their invoice on 22-Sep-15.

Finally!! My 2 x JP513 cables has been arrived to me at my doorstep today at 2pm, thanks to lovely UPS lady and signed for the UPS Express Box. And now, I'm enjoying my self-upgraded Dell XPS 720 PC (purchased bog-standard from eBay & paid via PayPal on 8th July-15 but collected in person at Pinner by walking and taking a bus on 11th July-15) with XR947 Dell TEAC CAB-200 Media Card Reader with Integrated Bluetooth Module, Logitech X-540 Speakers, Creative Labs SB0770 Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Gamer, Dell SK-8135 Enhanced Multimedia USB Keyboard with Dell SK-8135 Keyboard Wrist / Palm Rest, Dell M/N: M-BAC-DEL5 USB Mouse as well few more extras like Dell Floppy Disk Drive FD-235HG, 2 x WDC WD20 EARX 2TB HDDs & up to maximum 8GB RAM (all purchased separately), only the last remaining item to add is Hauppauge! WinTV-HVR-1200 with Remote Control (or probably looking for much improved HD model version), trying to make it have exactly the same accessories on my other Dell XPS 630I PC  and putting the supplied TEAC CA-200 Card Reader with GH 005 cable to one side, as no longer needed.

I hope all this helps.



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