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DX Centera to Isilon Migration

We had a dxdmchk process running to fetch and clean files on an extended drive...  DX policies were set so that writes were only going to the Isilon and would move and purge immediately...  As files were fetched then they would in turn be moved and stubbed on the Isilon... Doing this would fetch files back from both media groups, but as the majority were located on the Centera at the time the process was started, this was not a big deal.

Due to event outside of DX the VM running DX was rebooted and had only managed to get about half way through the migration.  The process was running for about 4 months before it was killed...  I am now left with the dilemma as to how to limit the fetches to only include the Centera and finish the migration without having to fetch files back from the Isilon and extend my migration window...

Switches allow for us to chose the media based on ID, but there are 1551 pieces of media on the Centera (I know...) So now I am trying to figure out how to best resume fetching and cleaning files back through DX, but limit to the Centera as a source without having to do one media at a time...

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Hello san_augusta -

Would you be better served by just copying the share contents to Isilon and eventually using that as your primary share location rather than the DX host?  You could accomplish this with robocopy; it will be slow. But you were willing to wait 4 month to get halfway through a migration so possibly this could work for you.


Mike Horgan

Unfortunately that is not an option as the application that owns the data does not support UNC paths or drive mappings...  We were able to do that with other DX data...  Getting a downtime on this application is also a challenge as it is used 24/7...

Understood. Well, best of luck with this project - we would love to hear how it turns out in the end.


Mike Horgan

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