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Mediastor crash

HI All,

I have an old version of DX admin /Mediastor (legato versions)  and we have just lost the server and the Jukebox.  We are going to Migrate the files to Spinning disk but they are in optical media is OTG format.  We have also lost the license files in the crash.  Long story.

What I need is a way to read the DVD ram media ( OTG format ) and transfer files over to Spinning disk archive.

Does any one know of a tool that can read OTG formatted disks so I can migrate the data?

The version I have will only run on win2000 server so I could create a virtual server and reinstall DX and Mediastor with 30 day license and copy the media.  The issue there is the old Jukebox is also dead so I will need to find a way to get a Optical drive to appear as a SCSI jukebox ?

Any thoughts?

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