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2022 G15 5521 SE RAM Compatibility


as a follow up to this thread I can say that for the Dell G15 5521 Special Edition following RAM versions ARE COMPATIBLE (personally tested):

Kingston KVR48S40BS8K2-32 - 2x16 GB kit

Kingston KVR48S40BD8-32 - 1x32 GB - tested as 1+1 with 64 GB in total without problems

Kingston KVR48S40DB8K2-64 - 2x32 GB kit - using now without problems




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Good to know and I am sure it may help others!

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Can you please run "wmic memphysical get MaxCapacityMemoryDevices" in command prompt on your 5521 SE and post the output please?

Also is this the 240hz QHD, 3070ti version?

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Hello, can you send a picture of your laptop with the bottom panel removed?

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