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After 10x solved boot from newly cloned SSD

Inspiron 7786 2-in-1

Hope this will help users struggling with daily storage issues with a 128 GB SSD on Dell Inspiron Laptop.

  1. I purchased 500 GB SSD size 2480 or less will do from HP. and m2 enclosure and plug in USB.
  2. Windows Disk Encryption turn off 
  3. Waiited for 1+ hours to decrpty C/D drives.
  4. Download edfreeware and install to D drive.
  5. Run OS Migration and extend new SSD C: drive to 400+ GB and rest 5 partitions same size.
  6. Make sure you exit programs/virus scanners/internet connections before cloning.
  7. Install new SSD and replace old SSD and make sure battery is unplugged.
  8. First reboot will fail.
  9. Press F12, Bios Dell Support will scan, repair missing device in ESP/MSR  partitions.

This will save you 8 hours of try and see.





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running this command first before you want to clone will also safe you endless problems

shutdown /s /f or else your boot disk is in an active state and will almost never boot from cloned disk.  

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