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BSOD Reference_by_pointer since the beginning


I have a new Dell Inspiron P106F PC that I bought a few weeks ago.

I switched it to Windows 11 (offered by Windows Update right away) immediately when I got it.

I notice recurrent BSODs and I am unable to identify the source or the trigger (I feel like it happens when I listen to music on Deezer or a video on VLC but it only happens from time to time; I could watch several episodes of a sitcom without anything happening recently).

The error message is REFERENCE_BY_POINTER. By inquiring on Microsoft's forum and elsewhere, I understood that it was often a driver problem.

However, my drivers are up to date. I tried to uninstall (with the DDU utility) and reinstall the driver of the NVidia card installed on my computer. I have updated but nothing to do.

Can you help me to find the source of the problem, knowing that the information I found on the BSOD is systematically the same?

According to the elements I could glean from the analysis made by, the "source of the crash" would be on the file ntoskrnl.exe+4159C0 (which, if I understand well, does not say much, since it is a kernel file).

Thanks in advance for your help

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See if going back to Windows 10 solves this problem.


@nyc10036 > I can't. During the first time I used my PC, everything was normal so I cleaned the disk with the cleaner intergrated with Windows. Anyway, I hope to be able to use Windows 11 on this computer, which is newer and more powerful than the other PC I have.


Perhaps try a clean installation of Windows 11 .

Also, if you have done not so, I would run Dell Diagnostics.

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I would prefer not to have to do a complete reinstallation. I have a lot of software installed on this computer and it always takes me around 1-2 days to reinstall everything. I would prefer to reserve this option only if there is no other solution.
Regarding Dell Diagnostics, I did it, in advanced mode, and it did not show any errors.

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i had this BSOD issue also, "REFERENCE BY POINTER"


turns out the issue was the Dell SupportAssist crashing my system - had to get tech support to remote access and remove all instances.


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My situation is exactly the same.

Don't want to waste time with a computer I will never be able to trust.

It seems it is quite a common problem, and also it seems there is no easy way to solve it.

Really ?

I can trash this new laptop and buy another brand ? Seriously ?


Actually, I must recognize that there was probably a driver problem, so no, don't throw your computer ;).

I don't know what driver was the problem but after a complete reinstallation of the system (with applications and files erase), I no longer have these BSOD.

Beware of the drivers you install when you reinstall them : some of the drivers proposed for your computer may not fit your specific configuration.

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I had a similar problem with my Vostro 5502.  Turns out it only happened when running on battery.  Plug in the power cord and no more BSOD's.  Made me think is was a power management problem so I tried to update Dell Power Manager but got errors and the update crashed.  A little more digging and it turns out that the HPScanDoctor service was preventing the update from completing.  HpScanDoctor was installed with my HP printer drivers.  Once I disabled the HPScanDoctor service I tried to update Dell Power Manager and it ran for longer but crashed out with an error that mentioned something about a conflict with the My Dell app.  Apparently the My Dell app was updated and now includes the functionality of Dell Power Manager.  So I removed Dell Power Manager and everything works properly now.  The last step was to go back into services and start HPScanDoctor and set it to auto.  No more BSOD's.  I was pulling my hair out for a month trying to figure out the problem.

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Removed the Dell Support assistant from the registry and then the drive and so far so good.  Also had to remove the services entry first before I could just delete the folder off of the C drive.  Not sure why it isn't playing well with windows but it isn't.  Hopefully no more BSOD's!!!

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