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Computer not connecting to Sony Projector

I am not able to connect either of these computers to a SONY projector for presentations.  I use the computers all the time for HDMI connections to other projectors or external displays. 

I've also tried other computers, and they connect fine to the projector.  Just these two don't seem to do so, 

All I see is the projector trying to connect, then it shows connected on my computer but the projector keeps switching from the home screen - to white noise screen - and back - flashing back and forth. 

Is there something I need to do with the graphics card, or is there another solution anyone has?  My warranty is over but there has to be a solution that is easy - I've tried adjusting resolution, refresh rate, disabling graphics card and resetting, duplicating the screen instead of extending, and showing on just monitor 1 and just monitor 2. Nothing is working. 


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Impossible to answer without knowing the system model -- Inspiron 3501, 5593, etc.


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Hi there, 

Sorry took me so long to respond. 

First computer is a Inspiron 17 5000 Series

Second is Inspiron 14 5000 2-In-1

Hope that is what you need. 


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I was wondering if it could be the LAN converter?   



Inspiron 17 5000 Series is a whole serie not a modelnumber so is Inspiron 14 5000 2-In-1 a modelnumber is just a 4 digit number you can find it using the my dell or supportassist app.

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