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Dell G7 17 7700 fan noise

I recently bought a Dell G7 17 7700 and it's very noisy. The GPU fan makes a constant high pitch noise each time is on. I had it replaced twice already and the problem persists. I'm starting to believe that's a bad design of the fan case. It whistles when air passes by. 

I made a video to demonstrate the problem.

- It is proven that the GPU fan is making this high pitch noise. If you place your finger over the fan and hold it to spin slower the noise disappears.

- The same GPU fan has been replaced twice with original parts because it's part of the warranty

- Does anybody else have the same problem?
- Any suggestion on what to do?



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Here a new video where I demonstrate how noisy the fan is.

This is not a driver problem, it's a hardware problem. The GPU fan has been replaced twice.

This is a very expensive laptop. I need a solution to this problem.


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Just started using my  Dell G7 17 7700 yesterday, and first thing I noticed was this same high pitched fan noise. 

My previous Dell Inspiron never had this type of noise.  I actually thought my neighbor was vacuuming next door, then I realized the sound was coming from the new laptop.

I hope there is a solution.


Two months passed by since I reported this problem and Dell support has been extremely unhelpful. They don’t even understand the problem. They keep asking if software is up to date. I told them million times that this is a hardware problem not software problem because when the fan is not spinning the noise goes away. The best they could suggest is to run the computer in the “quiet” mode that prevents the fan to work as hard, increases laptop temperature and reduces performance, but “hey” the noise is gone… what a joke. I’ll never buy this brand again and I paid $3k+ on this laptop… 

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I've been having this same problem, and like you won't buy another laptop from Dell. It's the worst noise I've ever heard from a computer. The fan noise does seem to drop off when it is on battery power, but of course this is only temporary. The worst thing is that it makes this noise all the time. The fan is loud even at idle and when the screen is off. Their support, which I paid more for doesn't speak English well enough to even comprehend what the problem is, so, like you I'll probably end up sending my laptop back to them a dozen times to fix what was wrong the second it left the factory. Dell is not a computer for serious people. Just look at the ridiculous avatar selections they have for user profiles for the community...

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I have all these same issues with mine. The fan starts making that high pitch terrible noise for no reason. And customer support is worthless and like you mentioned can not speak english well enough to actually troubleshoot or have a conversation about the technical aspects. Dell, once known for their customer service has fallen flat and I steer people away from them now.


I've had  my G7 for roughly 2 years and have been fighting with the GPU fan for roughly the same amount of time. After much wrestling with it (i.e. disconnecting the fan and taking it completely apart), I believe I have been able to pinpoint what the problem is. What seems to be the issue is that the propeller portion of the fan is loose and out of balance. The place where its loose is between the shaft and shaft housing. Now I was able to temporarily fix the issue by taking a q-tip with a few drops of sewing machine oil and coating the inside of the shaft housing, thus filling in that area between the shaft and shaft housing. When I had tested it using this solution, the laptop ran silently and the performance was almost flawless. That being said, this solution only lasted about a month before having to do this again. I never had this issue with the CPU fan. Only the GPU fan. 

So to sum it all up, this is a manufacturing flaw with that particular fan. Perhaps Dell might be kind enough to send us some replacement fans so we can continue to enjoy their hardware. Otherwise it rather forces us to have to move on to something else thats less noisy. Its embarassing to take the laptop with you anywhere because of this.

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Yes, I also have this problem which is a real issue for me. I bought this laptop because I needed a high-power, fast, laptop for recording and editing dialogue; but did not want to pay for a gaming machine (although I do play games on it as well). I am a professional narrator and every single recording I make suffers from the noise of this fan which requires me to do a lot of editing and noise filtering to remove the fan noise.

Is there no way to fix this?

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I have been having the same problem on a Dell Inspiron 7700 AIO Series.  The fan would speed up and scream like a banshee.  I removed the fan from it's mount and sprayed the central core with a lubricant spay.  I let the lubricant drip onto a paper towel and reinstalled it.

The noise has not returned, and the fan is idling very quietly. I had a problem like this before and did the same thing. Problem is that there is no lubrication point on the fan and it has to be drenched for the oil to penetrate the shaft.  Cheap fans..



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Look at my post below. The fix is messy but easy. The replacement fans  will not be any better. They lack good lubrication.

Good Luck


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