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Down arrow key pressing itself/woking by itself

Hi guys. I really need your help. Lately the down arrow key on my Dell Inspiron 15-3537’s started working/pressing by itself and it does this continuously; websites, games etc. scroll down or move down or whatever it is the down arrow key does on any program. I cant really view , play—use my laptop because a phantpm down arrow key keeps on functioning by itself.

This stops whenever i press a key however. Ive tried uninstalling/reainstalling mouse/keyboard drivers then rebooting but didnt work. EVen tried dloading the latest updated Dell TOuchpad  DRiver but it didnt solve this prob. Havent tried the dloading the  “synaptics” tho (which one, if ever id need to?)

P.S. When i “numlock”, instead of the down arrow key, it’s the “2” in the numpad that presses by itself. 

***“Pressing/presses by itself”- as if it was held down.

any help would be apprecieated 🙂 


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Hi Raf09,

Thanks for posting. Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

Have you tried an external keyboard?  Does the same thing happen when connected to that?

It sounds like you've done some troubleshooting.  Here is additional information you may find helpful:

Keyboard Usage and Troubleshooting Guide

Keyboard, touchpad, or mouse not working correctly

If you need additional assistance, please contact me privately. Be sure to include your personal information and your computer's service tag number. Thanks.



Even I am facing same issue on my Dell laptop.Kindly let me know the working solution.




The "2" key on numpad works fine in an external keyboard. But on the built-in keyboard pressing "2" doesn't give any response and after 2-3 seconds, if numlock is on: "2" gets printed continuously, if numlock is off: down arrow action gets emmited continuously.

I thought it was a hardware issue as I recently my battery backup got reduced to 1/6th of original, but I am working with it as power is much stable here at this time of the year. 

But can the same key "2" be defective for multiple systems?

@robert p looking for a solution.


Hi @robert p

I wanted to say that the problem was resolved.

Hello, @murali.jnm , for your question I got a working solution. It is as follows:

The problem occurs due to mismatch between Dell drivers and OS drivers.

It happens because Dell and OS vendors are different entities, makes them talk not so much and not at all I guess in most cases, So Dell assumes we have installed latest OS version, which in turn sends latest drivers compatible with the latest OS.

Upon updating my OS (Windows) the problem got solved. I knew it was a software issue and not a hardware one the moment I saw others were having the same key issue, i.e. "2" (believe me I am typing this "2" with my numpad key , feels great to get it back). Give it a try.


I recently moved to windows 10 and my laptop started giving trouble. I tried other options and in the frustration I installed ubuntu 20.04 but problem is still not resolved. I came to know about this thread just now, not sure what I am supposed to do not because this down key is not allowing me to do any work.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @DoaR ,

It seems to be a Dell driver issue though. I update the drivers and the down arrow starts behaving normally, then after some weeks again the same problem, then again after one or two updates the issue get's resolved.

FYI Now it's broken.


Mrityunjoy Nath

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There might be several reasons for this issue like dirt, software issues, hardware issues, technical glitches, os-driver mismatch and etc....

Try the solution one by one...

Solution 1 : Do a troubleshoot

Solution 2 : Uninstall / update (if it's available) keyboard driver. It will automatically reinstall the driver during reboot. 

Solution 3 : Try external keyboard

Solution 4 :  Update your OS

Solution 5 : Do a factory reset

If you still have the problem

Solution 6 : Take your laptop to nearest showroom/ service center and get paid professional support. 

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You can contact the dell support Centre for this issue. They can help you with the same and fix your keyboard related issue.


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