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Free space of a drive suddenly decreased

Suddenly , I have noticed that my space on E drive decreased .

I have noticed it with in 1 month after updating to windows 11.

Is it normal?

My free space of E drive 100 GB decreased to 53 GB suddenly.

please help.


I observed the below scenario :

Screenshot (140).png


Screenshot (141).png


Does Dell is using this space Saving Backup data?

Can there be any viruses blocking the space?

Can I get back that space?

please help.

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If you are asking about the disk space or total size of that disk reducing than it must be a case of 'Bad sectors'. Try this

For Windows 10/8 users:

Open This PC > Right-click on System drive and choose Properties.
Go to Tools > Click Check.
Under Error-checking, click on Check.
Review the scan result > Click Scan and repair drive.
Choose when to repair the file system.
Wait for Windows 10/8 scan and repair the hard drive bad sectors.


It is saying it is working properly.


Can you help me ,I want to know , are those spaces occupied by important data of  Dell system backup?

Screenshot (140).png


Screenshot (141).png

I want to erase that disk partition and reallocate it.

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When you upgrade WIndows, a backup of the old OS is made (usually in windows.old).  Once you are sure you do not want to go back to the prior OS, you can remove the backup using disk cleanup. (type that into the search box). 


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Yes, I just wanted to say what ejn63 said. 

The folder will be automatically deleted after some time, I think 10 days, maximum 2 weeks, or you can delete it yourself.




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