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G7 7700 screen freeze but game still runnig

Hello guys. i have g7 7700 rtx 2070 max p i7 10750h 16 ddr4 512 ssd. While i play games screen freeze but you can hear game still runnig. i updated bios to 1.15. it because of bios update? Or something else?

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and i test with my television and i understand that on laptop panel game freeze but no problem on television.i connected to television with hdmi.

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Hello. I test a few days ago and it show that my laptop has no problem. But i find that when screen freeze and i unplug charger and plug in my problem solved. I thought that adapter problem but when i tested it with multimeter, no problem with adapter too.

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 I suggest you to run the hardware diagnostics that provides information on any issues with the hardware by following the steps provided in the link below:

Please let me know about your findings.

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