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GPU gets power locked at 45 watts after 30 minutes of gaming.

Hi everyone.

so this happens after gaming for a little while 20:30 minutes, I kept an eye on the temps and the power draw using MSI afterburner, I can't share the screenshots here for some reason, While on (G mode) temps don't go higher than 83c, suddenly the power draw goes from 120:130W to 45W, Only thing I can do is rebooting, but then it happens again. Is this normal? cuz I highly doubt it!


*in both cases GPU is 100% utilitzed.
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It is normal for the system to throttle back when it's overheating, which it clearly is here.

Reduce the intensity of the game settings to match the system capability -- that will reduce the instance of throttling.



Throttle limit is 93C per Dell support, so no this is not normal throttling.


Hi, did you find a solution?

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Hello. Did you find a solution? What is the GPU in your laptop? Do you use the mux switch to disable iGPU? Maybe it is mux switch related.


GPU is rtx 3060 and no I don't think it's a mux switch thing, this happens with optimus disabled/enabled, I think it's a power throttling thing, I didn't find a complete fix per say, just capped the frames to 60 in most games, this greatly reduced the power the GPU draws and thus also reduced the temps, However in demanding titles on Ultra settings, this doesn't really matter since the GPU will need all the power it could get so more heat and thus power throttling after a while, enabling G mode also helps a lot. 

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