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I Can not use hibernate mode!

I have a Inspiron 16 Plus 7620(i7-12700h, 32GB, 1TB, RTX3060).
When I boot from hibernate mode(not sleep mode), the Dell logo is displayed and the PC turns off. After rebooting, it goes back to Windows normally. Bios version is 1.5.1 that latest version. How can I fix it. I want to use hibernate mode. I need to use hibernate mode. I am very angry. This is a laptop that costs over $200. Dell is a global company. Fix it quickly!

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I will start by assuming your system is a modern standby system.  If you want to confirm, in the Device Manager, the Wi-Fi adapter does not usually have a Power Management tab.

Do you know what a sleep study is?  If not, if will show you what the system is doing with state changes.  If you run the command, copy the .html version of the report and open it with a browser.

powercfg /sleepstudy

If you keyboard has lights, are you holding the power button a second or two for the lights to come on?

What may be happening is, you are not actually booting the system but shutting it down.  Then restarting after it is powered down.

You might try just tapping on the space bar or using a Bluetooth device to see if the system will come out of low power mode.

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Thank you for answer. I'm pretty good at PC. There were no power button mistakes. Let's try waking up using the spacebar or a Bluetooth device.


I checked using Wake on AC(set from bios), but it's the same. I guess it's Dell system bug.

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I have smiliar issues since the beginning. Hibernate (and for me also save energy) are not working at all. After re-opening the computer and pressing the power on button nothing happens, after pressing it again the computer will boot completely from zero. SOmething obviously prevents the computer from going to hibernate/save energy correctly.

I also have the top spec with RTX 3060.


Your issue is not similar. I had same issue yours. Check below solution.

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