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Inspiron 15 3511 Broken Hinge

I purchased an Inspiron 15 3511 in Aug. 2021.  15 months later (3 months out of the standard warranty) a hinge is broken and the screen is beginning to flicker, almost certainly related issues.  I have been a Dell user/owner for at least 25 years in the corporate world and with home desktops and laptops.  Even though this is a clear design and/or manufacturing defect I'm told Dell will due nothing since it is out of warranty.  This laptop stays open almost all the time, is not used for heavy travel, and yet the hinge doesn't last.  If Dell won't stand behind their design and manufacturing for the most basic hardware issues this will be the end of my use of Dell products.  

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This forum post indicates the procedure for Dell laptop hinge repair. I suspect it may not be of help with your situation.

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