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Inspiron 15 7559 screen replacement from 40pin UHD touchscreen to 40pin FHD screen

Hi I have a 6-year-old laptop inspiron 15 7559 with a 15.6" 4k touch screen display. I want to replace the screen with any other screen available.

The screen started to leak this VERY VERY viscous glue-like substance that's also VERY VERY VERY difficult to clean up. over the months from it "leaking" It ended up breaking and practically unusable. The screen started to go dark with ghosting and frozen images staying on,  like a glitched LCD screen. It would have ghosting and images over one another unintelligable mess

I managed to disassemble the laptop and found that the glue-like substance is what holds the screen to the front glass for touchscreen capabilities(?) and it started to leak everywhere from that sandwich between the glass and the screen... I pried out the screen and have a salvageable shell/front glass as an enclosure for a future replacement screen.

I wanted to buy a screen and I understand it's an assembly-type screen(LCD attached to the whole front glass and shell?) but right now most replacements are either hard to find or too expensive for shipping.

***question is***:

IS there is any way to replace the screen from a previously [40pin connector 4kUHD touch screen] with any other 40pin screen made for dell laptops out there that is [40 pin connector 1080pFHD - non touch screen].

Would it be compatible?

would there be any hardware issues if I replace it and connect the 40 pin to another [40 pin connector 1080pFHD - non touch screen]? (supposedly made for dell laptops)


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dude I have the same problem and I can't find a replacement 

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Have you fixed the problem?

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Let me know if you were able to find the screen that fits, as I would like to do the same as well.

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You will need to replace the entire upper assembly as well - screen, hinges, back cover, bezel and wiring harness to swap from touch to non-touch.



What about replacing [40pin connector 4kUHD touch screen] with [40 pin connector 1080pFHD touch screen]? Would this be any easier?

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Yes, in that you can re-use all the components from the upper assembly.



Perfect. By any chance you have the part #. which FHD display should I be looking for?

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Check with for compatible screens (if you're outside the US, you can use the Dell part number to expand your search locally).


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In the same boat.  Anybody find a FHD (touch or non-touch) display that is compatible with the 40 pin connector that the 7559 uses to connect to a UDH touch screen?

Withstanding that option, has anybody replaced the entire display assembly (hinges up, so swapping at the connector at the motherboard itself)?  And in so doing, downgraded from the UHD touch display to the FHD non-touch display?

Edit: checked and it just shows the UHD as being compatible based on service tag lookup.  But that assumes I'm not replacing the whole lid.


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