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Inspiron 16 7610, Touchpad random taps and swipes

I have new Inspiron 16 7610 for a month and  it has touchpad problem randomly. Touchpad has random taps and swipes, inaccurate finger tracking. I will contact with Dell but wondering is there anyone has that problem or any simple solution for it?



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There is a new part available to resolve this. If you're having this issue, please use the “Get Help Now” option on the bottom right of the screen to chat with one of our agents.



The agent will need to set up service to get this resolved. Please note that the system will need to be in warranty to use the Get Help Now option.

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Update = After completing troubleshooting, a DELL-Cares agent setup a part replacement.

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Machine is fairly new release and should be under warranty. 

Model uses Microsoft Precision drivers so there is not much troubleshooting. 

- Uninstall it from device manager and reboot 

- Update BIOS 

- Perform an RTC reset, Turn off the machine by holding the power button down and keep holding it for 30 seconds. Power cable should be disconnected. 

- from Start > settings > Devices > touchpad : Try changing sensitivity   

If all above  has been tried , contact support for Part replacement


Thank you I ll try every eacy one 

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I have the exact same problem and have spent the entire weekend investigating. Many others have reported the same issue, and reading the reviews on the Dell website suggests that this issue effects approximately a third of Inspiron 16 Plus users.

I do not believe it's a simple driver issue, as the exact same issue also occurs on Linux.

I'm returning my Inpsiron 16 Plus while I'm still in the 14 day window.

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I encountered the same issue. Dell replaced the touchpad once but seems the same problem still occurs after the touchpad replacement. Don't know what to do.


I'm facing the same problem and they were plan to pickup my laptop to replace the touchpad but unfortunately I'm outside US and can't fix the problem in my country.

But it seems it's a software problem because a lot of users complain about the same problem. 


As per the diagnosis or preliminary investigations has suggested the next course of action. If the issue was going to be resolved through software we would have also suggested that in the first place, before concluding for parts replacement, as that is easiest and quickest way to resolve problems. 

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If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session. To send us a private message, click our DELL-Cares username. Our Forum profile page will then appear. On the right, click "Send this user a private message".


Has Dell managed to fix a single Inspiron 16 Plus that has this issue? I understand that most of the people who post online are those experiencing problems (and not many people post online when an issue is resolved), but could you confirm that Dell knows what the issue is and are able to fix it? I've read a lot of posts from Inspiron 16 Plus users who claim they returned their units to fix this issue, but then got their Inspiron 16 Plus laptops back with the same issue.

I'm not confident it's a software issue because the exact same issue occurs when using Linux (and you can see signs of it in the BIOS when moving the mouse around, although the BIOS isn't really a good way to test this).

It's unacceptable to expect Dell Inspiron 16 Plus users who suffer from this issue to just " with it...". The clock is still ticking, Dell must have been made aware of this issue months ago. I don't know the exact numbers, but there must be hundreds of Inspiron 16 Plus users suffering from this issue. It's a serious issue - the touchpad is a major component of a laptop, and this issue makes the Dell Inspiron 16 Plus borderline unusable (it's more than just an "inconvenience").



I don't think they've been able to solve this problem, as the customer service team hasn't been able to solve this issue for about a month. I understand that it's not up to them and they work according to the instructions the company gives them, but I think that not being able to return with a problem like this is unacceptable. Unfortunately, my new laptop has been unusable for a long time now. I am very disappointed with this company and the fact that I gave them my money for nothing.


I agree with you, But I didn't pay money to investigate or figure out how to solve this issue, I supposed to use this laptop without facing any problem and in the beginning I though I have a bad luck and I'm the only miserable person who facing this issue. but obviously it's a common issue. Dell need to act responsible and solve this issue to all the users we need to get a better service.

For me I have nothing to do and I bough an external mouse to be able to use the laptop.

I really need a solution because it's a bad indicator that Dell aware with this problem and let users to face the problem alone without doing something to solve the issue.

It's a very bad experience for me with DELL

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