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Inspiron 16 7610, not upgradeable

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I bought one with 2 x 8gb RAM. It is supposed to be upgradeable to 2 x. 16BG RAM. I installed 2 different reputable brands that matched the required specs. The laptop would not boot up after installing. Dell support wanted me to pay before they would help me. 

Also it says that you can add a hard drive to increase storage. There are 2 slots for ssd and dell uses one for initial drive. Unfortunately the slots are not the same size. The slot that Dell uses up is the standard length M.2 that can accommodate M.2 2230 Gen3 or M.2 2280 Gen 4 SSD. They install a 1 TB 2230 Gen 3 into that slot.  So if you want to increase hdd then you have to clone the new drive and replace the existing drive.  The second slot only accommodates a short M.2 2230 Gen 3 ssd. Short ssd are 3x more expensive and of limited capacity. So instead of installing a 1 TB drive into this shorter slot and leaving a feasible opportunity for their customers to be able to easily add 2 TB to the laptop, Dell decided they would take up the more popular and readily available size slot and make you pay $300 to get a short 1Tb Gen3 2230 ssd. So instead of being able to easily add 2 Tb to increase total hd size to 3Tb you are limited to paying 3 times the price for a short ssd and only get 2 Tb max.  Very deceiving.  They do not tell you this and I spent time discussing with sales which laptop fitted my needs before I bought.

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It is upgradeable.

It is YOUR problem that you consider the price too high for upgrading. LOL.


Upgrading RAM does not work.  So not upgradeable.  

SSD was a second issue. I guess I should have started a separate thread for that.  I was told I could add a 2 TB ssd into the open slot when I want.  That is not true.  The slot that is open only accepts short M.2 2230 is maxed at 1TB.  They used the 2TB capable slot for the factory installed ssd which is 1TB. I would have to clone that drive if I wanted to swap it to 2TB since it is the boot drive with OS.  I cannot put the boot drive into the empty slot because it is too long.  

But you are right the ssd is upgradeable.  The RAM is not.  

Sorry, I was frustrated when I tried to do all these upgrades and my rant probably isn't completely coherent. But you are right, the SSD is upgradeable.  Just not to the maximum capabilities of the motherboard.

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Crucial has a money-back guarantee of compatibility and has up to  32G modules certified to work in this system.



@devp wrote:

Upgrading RAM does not work.  So not upgradeable.  


I suspect you purchased the cheapest RAM instead of compatible RAM.


@devp wrote:

Upgrading RAM does not work.  So not upgradeable.  

But you are right, the SSD is upgradeable.  Just not to the maximum capabilities of the motherboard.

If you can do better, build your own laptop. You are being ridiculous.


The second set of RAM I tried was from Crucial.  The bios doesn't acknowledge the new RAM or something else is preventing the system from booting after new RAM is installed. I tried putting into service mode, removing battery and other things recommended online and by crucial during the swap but the system will not boot with the new RAM.  I don't think it's a motherboard issue.  Or at least I hope not. Dell support won't help unless I pay for a support tier.  I just got this laptop 4 months ago. Can't believe I have to pay for support already. 

I do like Crucial. They are very helpful. 

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I have a at shipped with 32gb of ram and a 2230 512gb SSD installed in the 2280 m-2 slot.  Mine is the 2 fan configuration (I believe this configuration is used to allow room for a video card so this may not apply to 3 fan machines. Check service manual for your machine). 

I verified with tech support that if you purchase the 3380 2tb drive from dell installing it yourself or at an independent shop will not void the warranty.  Yes, it’s  cheaper elsewhere but  but factoring in losing the warranty eases the pain. The part number for the 2gb is AA902127 and it is $369.69  

I thought about replacing the 512gb with a 1tb 2230 but decided that the cost of adding 512k for $215 was way too much for the benefit.  Also it eliminates cloning the new drive etc

Installation was straightforward.  I moved the the existing 512 to the 2230 m-2 slot 2 the bios picks it up as the primary drive automatically with no copying, cloning or fuss   The 2tb drive was installed in the now vacant 2280. Remember to initialize the new SSD and you now have 1.5tb in your laptop


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I have the same problem. I got my self an inpiron 16 plus (7610) the model with i7-11800h and NO dedicated gpu. I got 2 X 16GB ddr4 ram from kingston (CL15) 2666MHz. Can't boot !!! i tried with service mode as stated in the manual ..


I also set a password on the hard drive before and i tried to remove the password but can't do it ... keeps coming back even after i save the settings and reboot


By the way... for your ssd problem .. i solved mine.. :)) i have 2 X 1TB 2280 installed in raid 0


if you look and analyse the situation, you can still put a second 2280 size but there is no screw to keep it place so i used tape to keep in place :))


here are some pictures



Whats the model of your ram ?


Simple and functional, never thought of it.

I will try it netherless, thanks.


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