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Inspiron 16 Plus 7610 (Touchpad Issues) horrible product

Inspiron 16 7610

This is by far the worst dell product I've ever owned.


Feb 2022 purchased

March 2022 first complained about touchpad having a mind of its own. Wanted refund within the 30 period but was told by tech support they had a fix decided to have the touch pad replaced.

April 20022 Dell tech replaced touchpad and a couple of days later, it did the exact same thing.

April 2022 Called Dell support and requested refund. Was told it was past the 30-day period. I'm not joking! 

April 2022 purchased a wireless mouse, and it allowed me to use the laptop.

June 2022 Decided to call Dell tech support to get another touchpad. Of course, I requested a refund, but it fell on deaf ears. Was told by Dell support that another fix was in the works and once available it would resolve my issue. Part was backordered.

Sep 2022 Dell tech replaced the touchpad for a 3rd time only now the touchpad would stick and not function.

As a result, no way to verify if initial problem was resolved since there's a new problem introduced. 

Sep 2022 Dell tech replaced the touchpad for a 4th time and same issue. Touch pad sticks.

Called Dell support and now waiting a call as of this writing. The icing on the cake is when I noticed the bottom of my laptop was not seated properly and realized not only are there broken tabs but two missing screws. The Dell callback is schedule for 10/4/22 and will request two screws, and a 5th and final touchpad. I'm not expecting success but rather than just finished product without missing screws. Don't even care about the broken tabs. This laptop will one day face the same demise as the fax machine on the movie "Office Space" At least I will get some satisfaction. You just can't make this stuff up. This is my very last Dell product ever! Oh, and Dell outsources tech support so it's like putting the fox in-charge of the chicken coop.

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Issue resolved. 

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You're not alone look here 

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Yep, I've searched and found many unhappy folks, same issues, with the same product. The more I search, the more I realize that Dell doesn't care.  It makes me even more determined to <Violations as defined by Dell removed. Read the Forum Code of Conduct. DELL-Admin> requesting a full refund. I wanted to return within the 30-day period but was led to believe they had a fix hence, going past the 30-day return window. I just feel taken advantaged of and Dell thinks they can just wear me down until the warranty expires.

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I've decided to push forward and take Dell to <Violations as defined by Dell removed. Read the Forum Code of Conduct. DELL-Admin>. I'm not going to have Dell replace the touch pad for the 5th time and not even going to bother with the missing screws, broken tabs and bottom cover not seated properly. Won't be mine much longer. Dell is unwilling to admit they don't have a fix. They have offered me a refurbished one but others who have gone that route, still have the issues so why bother. This is such a mess and only able to use the laptop a wireless mouse. If I wanted a desktop, I would have bought one.

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Before taking action -- particularly any that requires a filing fee - read #13 in the terms of sale you authorized with your purchase.


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Machine is fairly new release and should be under warranty.

Model uses Microsoft Precision drivers so there is not much troubleshooting.

- Uninstall it from device manager and reboot

- Update BIOS

- Perform an RTC reset, Turn off the machine by holding the power button down and keep holding it for 30 seconds. Power cable should be disconnected.

- from Start > settings > Devices > touchpad : Try changing sensitivity

If all above has been tried , contact support for Part replacement

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Issue resolved. 


I'm having the same issue and now waiting for the touchpad replacement. Finger cross the problem with being fixed

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