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Inspiron 16 Plus (7610) Touchpad issues.

I finally got Dell to recognize the touchpad has issues. I've resorted to using a wireless mouse.  The dell technician will be here today to replace the touchpad.

I'm hopeful I'll be one of the lucky ones and the replacement resolves the crazy behavior the current one has.  It started a few days after I received, and have been trying to get resolved since then. 

Wish me luck 

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Dell reviewed the issues and has decided to replace with a "Refurbished" laptop equal to what I have or comparable.  If they replace with another 16 Plus, I'm not hold too much hope the replacement won't have the issue, and have to start this process all over again on a replacement. 

I'll keep you all posted as to the next chapter of "As the Inspiron 16 plus turns".   

Well.,. 3 weeks and guess what!  The trackpad issues are back and I'm having to use a wireless mouse again.  Called again.. and after yet another long conversation related to not going to send my laptop back for service and be without a computer for months.  Insisting it be replaced, and of course.. I'm out of the 30 day refund policy even though this started 2 weeks into getting it.  They are reviewing the case and will let me know if they will replace it with a refurbished laptop or send out for a third time and replace the touchpad.  I don't want another one of these.. and they won't upgrade with a different model (I'd even pay the increase in cost).  I will waste Dell's money at this point and have them come to Vermont and replace the pad every month until Dec 2022 with my one year warranty is up.

You would think they would reduce the cost and just replace it as to the cost of a tech coming to my house and parts for ?? only knows for how many more times.


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This is the first ... and last time I will buy a Dell! worked flawlessly for the first 2 weeks then BAM! touchpad issues, moves irratically, won't click, freezes excess wear on touchpad ( obvious 'dint' where finger touches and only 1 month old!). After a chat session with Dell it looks like i'm stuck with this. I bought the laptop from PC world in the UK as I wanted a UK keyboard layout ( I live in Spain) was told I had to return it to PC World as they provide the warranty in the first instance. This obviously is not an option! So unless a Dell moderator sees this and sorts something out for me, Dell gets a 0/10 for customer service and presently a 2/10 for hardware quality. Now off to message Linus Tech Tips!

My 2nd touchpad was good for a month after the replacement, then it started to fail again... Don't want to take away your joy, but I would consider this equimpent as working/trustworthy no sooner than after a couple of months pass.

My previous laptop (Sony) ran fine without a single hardware glitch or even a BSOD for 9 years. I'm also using Lenovos daily in my company - only 1 failed drive in 10 years.

I was expecting at least the same from Dell for such price.

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Going on a week now, and all GOOD!    Dell sent a service tech for a 2nd time and replaced the motherboard and the trackpad again.  


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Dell sent a tech and replaced trackpad.  Two weeks later it started all over again.  

Round two and hours of my time I'll never get back, the sent a tech out again and replaced the track pad and mother board. 

Fingers crossed this fixes the issue.

Now.. onto wireless continually dropping.

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Report back with results after replacement.

I had a new model XPS laptop for field evaluation and I sent it back because of flakey touchpad operation.  I would try to move the cursor and it would move then stop and not move and finally move some more.  Sometimes moving it would hover over some other function and open that function.  Not just a Windows issue as it worked the same way in the BIOS and F12 Options.


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