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Inspiron 2-in1 7773 Blue screen then No bootable devices found.


I'm exposing you an issue worrying me and hoping to have some hints/advices.

I got a this dell inspiron since july 2018.
And since that time, once or twice a year this is what happens : while being on, whatever i'm doing webbrowsing or working, windows turns into blue screen then a black screen appears with the message "No bootable device".
After waiting for 2min he finds back the ssd and the turns on again. I was like "okay if this happends not too often we can survive".

But since last month it has gotten worse and happens once a week. I fear the laptop gets unusable and to lose all my work so that's why i need some returns.

The chkdsk returns no alert so i assume it's not hardware related, unless it is not reliable.
The computer always manage to find back again the ssd after the blue screen, so i think it's something between windows 10 and the BIOS.

Ty for taking time on the topic.

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At minimum, make and keep current backups first.

Then unplug the system, disconnect the battery from the mainboard, and remove and reinstall the drive.

If the problem continues, you likely have a failing drive that will need to be replaced.


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Hello, ty for your reply.

I'll do that next time the problem appears again and give a feedback here.

But I deduce from your advices that it must be an hardware default, so i recommand to anyone encoutering the same issue and falling in this thread to immediatly flag up the issue to dell support well your system is still in the warranty period.


News for this issue :
Got a blue screen yesterday + another one two days ago, so I did unlplug battery then drive as suggested.

For information it was a 2"5 ssd wired to mb, I unplugged both side of the sata wire, mb and ssd.

I'll give feedback wether it's getting better or not on next days.

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This seems to be an issue with a corrupt OS. Restart the computer & tap F2 to get into bios, press F9 to set bios to defaults & then F10 to save & exit. What is the present OS installed on the notebook? Please open this and enter your system service tag, click on drivers downloads, scroll down to the operating system. If available you can create a recovery USB drive to reinstall the OS. You will lose data if not backed up. Run a hardware Diagnostic again.


Thank you for your reply

Yes your feedback is be closer to what i suspect as a cause for my issue. But since the problem didn't happened again yet, i'll wait for it to happen again to proceed to your advices.

But to answer your questions : the laptop was delivered with a preinstalled w10 on the 512Go ssd, but it didn't suited me because i wanted the hard drive to be splitted in 3 parts. So I did format the disk, create 3 NTFS partitions and reinstall a w10 Familly x64.

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News about the issue : after a long time with no problems since the unplugging of battery+hard drive, there it comes again.

But this time i for once had enough time to read the details of the Bluescreen, it said : "kernel data inpage error". After a quick search about that, i found that the cmd "sfc /scannow" command was a good solution. And indeed, running that showed that there was some corrupted files which has been repaired.

Now i'm going to wait and see, still keeping in touch with evolutions.

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