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Inspiron 3501, body paint peel off from the edges

One year ago I have purchased a new dell laptop of silver body paint. But within 1 months of usage the body paint of my laptop peeling off from the edges. I am highly dissatisfied with poor body paint of my Dell laptop. I purchased the Dell laptop because of its brand name but now I would never recommend anyone to purchase the Dell laptop. Is there any solution to body paint color?


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See if Dell will replace the affected part under warranty.  


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 This is considered wear and tear and is not covered by most manufacturers .

Now if you have premium or pro support warranty , technical support team can make exceptions. If they deny do not bother replacing or painting the part again

Just apply a Skin 

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The corrosion and paint chipping that I am familiar with is what you find on the palm rests and the painted parts. Most of the MBP is anodized aluminum, as are the palm rests. Some individuals' body chemistry reacts with the anodized aluminum surface and produces tiny black pits which cannot be cleaned off. Experts would consider this to be cosmetic damage and not covered under their warranty.

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