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Inspiron 5570 - Worst electronic device ever

Hello, I just wanted to put this review out there to prevent others from making the same mistake I did. 6 months ago, I purchased my Dell Inspiron 5570 after seeing above average reviews for what I needed from a laptop. I received my laptop and within weeks, the hard-drive was have continous failure. I spent roughly 4 hours on the phone with tech support trying to solve the issue without any luck. Finally they agreed to send me a new one, despite a plea to upgrade and just pay the difference. I received my new laptop and noticed that the processing speed and overall performance was much slower than the original unit I had. Again I went to technical support for another 3-4 hours and despite all of their efforts, the computer was horribly slow and couldn't run any of my required programs without lagging and freezing. They apologized and said that was they best they could do (a month and a half after my original purchase). I asked again to speak to a supervisor about the poor product and they claimed there was nothing to be done. I said I would pay the difference plus any extra fees incurred for a different or upgraded device. They continued to say that was the best they could do. Here we are about 6 months later and I am having more hardware and now software problems. Please please please do not waste your money on this horrible product. Honestly, I would suggest a different brand with a company more willing to help a student going through final exams. I am truly amazed at how a great PC company can go so wrong with a product and their support.
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I share your opinion of this product. I should've observed the wise old adage that when something looks or sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. I thought I'd found the best kept secret as far as laptops go in terms of price : specs. Turns out I'm just writing it off as an 'L'.

Since 2-3 weeks after the initial 1 yr warranty expired, I've had nothing but problems, ironic huh?!? Both software (OS) and hardware failures. Fingerprint reader stopped functioning, wifi driver malfunctioning so although I can access the internet the system shows that I'm not connected preventing Windows Updates from running (which caused various Windows issues), bluetooth goes MIA randomly, and now after my 2nd factory reset the 'official' OEM DELL power supply that shipped with this laptop is not being recognized by this tragedy of a computer so my mobile workstation really is mobile at all with not being able to charge the battery beyond 3%.

This 2018 DELL Inspiron 5570 that I purchased to serve as my updated mobile digital audio workstation is trash compared my 2013 ASUS N550JV which has been rock steady. Although it's 'outdated' specs wise, I have never had anything more than a hiccup of a problem with it despite it's older processor & shallow RAM (comparatively)... DO NOT fall for the fool's gold. Avoid the INSPIRON 5570.


I surmise things happened, when you decided to download some of DELL's suggested updates, when your systems were all ready running smoothly???  Huge Mistake!  Sometimes, you can get away with it.   Sorry for any mistakes you may have had.   

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I couldn't agree more with this. I will never again buy a Dell product and will do everything within my power (legally) to make sure everyone thinking about buying a Dell product thinks twice.

My story, sorry kind of long.

My 5570 developed hard drive issues a couple of months ago. I found as long as I didn't shut the laptop down or restart it, it would run ok. If it did shut down it would take several attempts before the laptop would boot up. 

I tried all the fixes but nothing worked. Finally a diagnostic said the hard drive(s) needed replaced. I received an email saying I would receive free shipping to return the unit for repair. So far all good except of course the fact the the laptop is less than a year old and is already having issues. That should have been a major re flag but I was trying to remain positive about the situation.

I shipped the laptop off and after a few days was alerted that Dell had received it and would be starting work on it. This was about a week before Christmas. I initially received the laptop last year as a Christmas present so I was hopeful to have it back by this Christmas. This did not happen.

Instead I received an email stating that Dell would not be covering the cost of the repair because they are saying the drives in the unit are not the original drives. 

I called and spoke with Amrit Singh one of the repair reps (who by the way doesn't know how to listen to customers but continually talked over me as I tried to dispute the repair) he offered no help what so ever. Finally I spoke with his manager who again offered no help other than sending the case to another department who he said could make the decision on whether to repair the computer at no cost or not. 

A few days later I finally received a call from Dell unfortunately I didn't get the gentlemans name he was a much better listener. 

My dispute is I bought this laptop brand new from Amazon, the laptop is still under warranty. I did not open up the laptop and replace the hard drives. So in my mind whatever is in the laptop was placed there by Dell. I find it very hard to believe that Amazon or a third party retailer would take the time to open up the laptop and replace the components for the same size but different manufacturer. 

I was informed by Dell that they mostly use Samsung drives but the drives in my laptop were Western Digital, which they have used in the past but not necessarily in this model.

So based on that information they would not cover the repair of my laptop. Instead they want me to pay $300 to have the laptop repaired. Uh thanks but no thanks.

The Dell person I spoke with also said they are fully aware of the hard drive failure issue in this laptop but since no recall has been issued they don't see it as an issue.

After multiple discussion with Dell and letting then know that I am not happy with their resolution, they said they would drop the repair cost to $200, I told them to send my laptop back unrepaired and I will either fix it myself or most likely just trash the unit and buy something that is reliable. 

I honestly don't understand how a company as big as Dell can say they are not going to honor the warranty on a defective unit. 

I was told I needed to take up this issue with Amazon as they (or a third party seller) were the ones who changed out the hard drives. My warranty is not with Amazon it is with Dell and Dell needs to step up and do the right thing and fix my laptop.

I have now had four phone conversations with Dell about this and for what it cost them to pay the reps who spoke with me they could have taken that $$$ and fixed my laptop. 



KlemMac, I don't blame your frustration.  Maybe buy a different mfgs laptop?  Hopefully there is a local repair shop you can work with.  Good Luck!

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I have had this laptop for two years. The good points are that it has never failed to boot up. That is eventually when it realises what it is and what it is supposed to do. Maybe this will take 3 minutes or on a slower day 6 or 7. I guess that is also the worst thing about it ... it still works and that only after a fashion so, I feel that I still have to use it (had a part failed I would have promptly consigned it to laptop heaven). I now look upon it as a time machine. It has an i5 8th generation processor, 8gb Ram and a 1tb hard drive that is 82% unused. But despite all this 2018 technology it seems to think its a Dell System 316LT. I actually have some bespoke software that was created in 1998/99. It even struggles with that just as a Dell System 316LT from 1990 might have. I'm not sure how Dell have managed this feat of reverse engineering. Getting to do simple things like opening a 2kb text file seem to be its limit. That causes the fan to go into overdrive, it appears to take everything it has to do just that. Multi-tasking is the stuff of dreams for this laptop. It was like this from the start. Perhaps I should have sent it back there and then, but I thought it was me and not it. But a scoot around the reviews of this laptop on the internet suggests mine is not the only snail-like Inspiron 5570.


I've had mine almost two years now, and touch wood, been perfect! I got the top of the range one (i7, 16gb Ram and dual HD's), whether that is any different.  The SSD and extra 1tb HD makes a great difference, never having an issue on boot up. I have been keeping it up to date, not so much the drivers, only those that are really needed. The only niggly point about it it, the NIC is only a 100mbps, but I bought a USB ethernet adapter to go to 1gb and use that only when I need the extra speed.  

I work in a school and rate Dells far better than any other machines, hence why I got this. Maybe I was just lucky.


Whoever designed this laptop <Non-public info removed> stealing everyone who bought this' money. This is the worst laptop ive ever had, total garbage, and throwing it wouldnt even satisfy my rage and disappointment for this product. Seriously dell you gave us this thing that my 2012 ASUS K55V works way better and i shouldve just saved more so i can buy a better one. I trusted this brand but it gave me dog piss. Ram usage at 59% on idle, really? Disk usage at 100% on idle most of the time. I have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck, and flat out deceived by DELL.

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Surprisingly, my dell inspiron 5570 works fine, I bought mine 2 years ago and still okay, well I didn't expect so much for the hard drive because mechanical drive is so annoyingly slow so I upgraded it to SSD NVMe and its work great for so long. The fan is loud when I play GTA 5 but its acceptable for me. The case is made of plastic and I need to be more extra careful, the display is not so good either. But on my experience. Its okay. I have no other than slow HDD, I don't hate the product. Just neutral.

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Completely agree with you. Sane problems and same opinion about this <Substitute character removed> laptop.

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