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Inspiron 7506 2in1 turned off for battery low and doesn't turn on!

Inspiron 7506 2-in-1

Hello Guys.

As the subjet, I have an issue: the notebbok turned off while battery was running low and i did not have the charger with me.

Then, i plug in the charger but no led light.

When i press the power on button, nothing happen.

Can someone help me? Warrenty expired.

Here, i read many posts about this issue, some of that resolved with unplug and re-plug battery with 15-20 sec button pressed dried residual energy.

For me, it did not work.


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Do a Factory image restore with latest image : Reboot To F12 > Supportassist OS Recovery > RESET >> RESET and update. This will wipe the machine and download a new fresh operating system from Dell servers. If the issue is not fixed, you have every right to demand a refund or replacement



Hi Adrian.

Thanks for your feedback but laptop doesnt start.

Can you say how to access to gpt protected partition of ssd m2 dell? 
i removed it to backup.







You could open the laptop disconnect the battery from the motherboard afterwards remove the battery and run on AC power disadvantage is you won't be able todo bios updates if you keep it that way.

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