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Inspiron 7559 - Wake on USB


I have an Inspiron 7559 laptop and I am trying to get the 'wake on usb' functionality to work. I have made all possible changes to bios configs (Enable Powershare, USB settings) and device settings (Allow device to wake..) but still unable to get the laptop to wake from sleep using my wireless keyboard/ mouse. 

If I were to try testing the wake functionality within a few minutes of sleep, the laptop comes back to life but it simply refuses to budge after a few hours. I figured it might have to do with the level of charge in the battery so tried testing it with power cable plugged in but still no results. 

Any pointers as to what I might be missing here?


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kindly restart and run a diagonistics check

if no issues may want to review task manager and remove app

do kudos if okay

need a wired keyboard or rat to do it.






Diagnostics is clean. Which app should remove when performing the task manager review? 


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I have the same problem on an Inspiron 7580. Other articles have suggested disabling Deep Sleep, yet the BIOS does not have that setting under Power Management. 

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