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Inspiron 7620 and Pen PN5122W stop working

I have an Inspiron 7620 2-in-1 and the recommended active pen PN5122W. It works for a few minutes after restarting the laptop, then just stops being detected by the screen. The battery in the pen is brand new and I have tested it and confirmed the battery has full power.

I have looked at Dell Peripheral Manager but it does not have any option to manage a pen available (despite what the user-guide says).

I have tried an alternative Dell pen that I normally use on another Dell laptop, and it does the same: it is detected by the 7620 for a few minutes, then stops until the laptop is rebooted.

After the pen stops working on the 7620, I am still able to use it with my other Dell laptop with no problems (Latitude 7400).

This suggests to me that the problem is very clearly on the laptop, not the pen.

Unless I can get this working more reliably, I will have to return the pen as it's useless like this.

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It wasn't the battery, and this pen doesn't pair via Bluetooth.

With help from Dell support, I found the solution, which was to install the latest Intel and NVIDIA graphics drivers.

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Ensure that the coin cells battery holder is tightened firmly into the top cap. Top button stops working. Pen is not paired correctly with the device. Remove the pen from the Bluetooth list in the device and pair it again.

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It wasn't the battery, and this pen doesn't pair via Bluetooth.

With help from Dell support, I found the solution, which was to install the latest Intel and NVIDIA graphics drivers.


I have the same problem as you. Could you let me know how to check if I need to update the drivers and how I can do it, please?


Go to the support page for the laptop, find the display drivers, and reinstall the latest versions. Don't check whether you "need" to - my system said I did not need updates, but reinstalling the drivers did the trick. Then come back here and let people know if it worked for you!


what specific drivers??


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I just reinstalled the Nvidia Drivers dated 6.10.22 and the problem persists.  The pen works for a few minutes and quits.  The device status in Peripheral Manager shows that the battery is 100% (it's about a month old and tests at 1.6V) and has been in a drawer for most of that time.  Any help? 

Here are the specifics on the driver:

Version:, A01

File Name: NVIDIA-GeForce-MX-550-570-and-RTX-2050-3050-3050_YMKF0_WIN_30.0.15.1274_A01.EXE


The problem goes away (temporarily) even if I just put the computer to sleep. 

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I installed the latest Nvidia driver dated 7/21/22 with version and the problem repeated itself after using the pen for about half an hour.  Very frustrating...

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I am also facing this issue with my Dell Inspiron 7620 2in1. I am already in contact with Dell Support since the release of this laptop (over three months now) and the issue is still not fixed!

I have already talked with many Dell technicians over phone and in person. The issue could be narrowed down to a HARDWARE ISSUE which affects all Dell Inspiron 7620 2in1 (at least with the same hardware specifications as mine). With the Dell technicians we have ruled out any software issues by reinstalling Windows, updating drivers etc. --> This rules out software issues, so the Pen issues must be hardware related (either the Pen or the Laptop).

After that I got in total 6 different Pen/stylus replacements (three times Dell Pen PN5122W and three times Dell Penn PN7522W). Non of them worked for a longer period on my Dell Inspiron 7620 2in1 system. But ALL of theses Pens do work flawlessly on another Dell Latitude System which I own. --> This rules out hardware issues on the PENs themselves.

Then the Dell technician has already replaced hardware components of my System. He replaced the screen (including the digitizer), some cabling inside the system and now even the motherboard. --> but the Pen issues persists.

After that I have got a 1 to 1 replacement and received a completely new laptop, which I could test after a few minutes had also the same Pen issues. --> This would indicate that all Dell Inspiron 7620 2in1 system are affected by these hardware issues and that they can not work without issues with a Pen for a prolonged period of time.

Until now I do not have a solution for my Pen issues, and my system is not useable as a convertible with Pen support. That is absolutely not acceptable for such a expensive device.

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