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Inspiron | Full of hardware issues

Inspiron 5406 2-in-1

Brought this laptop ~10 months back, and my usage is very low mostly used for remote login or some programming. After 3-4 months I start facing keyboard issues, all of a sudden some keys stop working, and then after some time or after restart issue got resolved automatically. I called the support team and they tried several things and then asked to ship it. It was out for repair for ~2 weeks and as per the log they changed the motherboard however just after 1-2 months now it's again creating an issue, now the camera is not working and dell support first told me that they will replace it with the new laptop as it's causing frequent hardware issues however later they refused as my warranty is going to end in ~2 months.

After the first failure, I thought it was my bad luck, it's just a machine that sometime failed however now I am pretty sure it's bad manufacturing. Even surprisingly they don't care about how people are impacted as everyone working from home these days and such issues impact the individual work life. I am not sure if I can ever trust this brand considering their service and policies.

Also while logging this feedback now I am seeing so much bad feedback about the Inspiron series. I should have checked these feedbacks before buying it. Hopefully, this post will help others to avoid such mistakes.

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