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Is it possible to change speakers for dell inspiron 15 5567? Volume is too low.

Is it possible? How costly are speakers btw? I can hear them, but I'd love them if it were bit more louder. While repairing, it automatically had become more louder, not sure how (tech person did it), now I added another ssd(tech person did it as well) and it's back to the same.

Please suggest some tips. Increasing volume using booster really ruins the sound experience.

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If the speakers were louder, now quieter, then I don't think that replacing them is the solution. Check your settings in both Windows and whatever audio package you have (e.g. IDT Audio, Waves MaxxAudio). Also, in systray or Taskbar, click volume icon and open Volume Mixer: move all sliders to 100%.

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Everything is alright, still. Is there a way to measure how loud my current system is? Will dB meter be good?

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Seeing that the volume changed after the computer was apart, my guess would be a loose or broken wire going to one of the speakers. Are you only hearing audio from one side of the computer?

Try running a speaker test here:


Any chance you have some external speakers or a headset you could try?

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I have external speakers and they're great indeed, but occupy extra space. Won't you recommend getting new internal speakers? Isn't it worth it?


It was like that since a long time, It was fixed recently while the repair guy was replacing keyboard. but later went to same state after adding ssd.(by another guy).


The only time I have seen a problem with internal speakers is when one channel would not work.

You can look at your service manual and see where the speakers are placed.  If someone worked on the speakers and the volume changed, it could mean some type of connection or wiring problem.

But if the situation bothers you, the speakers can be changed out.  I think I might try plugging and unplugging the external speaker connection several times, in case that connection might be involved.

Sound produced through the Bluetooth output may have normal audio also.

XPS 9365, Inspiron 7567 Gaming, Inspiron 7779, XPS One 2720, AW3423DW
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