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Plugged In, Won't Charge, won't turn on.

I have an Inspiron 5502.  All of the sudden the battery will not charge and it has now died.  When I plug the charger in I don't get the little white light coming on like I do on my other inspiron.  I unplugged the charger and disconnected the battery, held down the power button for 1 minute.  While the battery is still unplugged I plugged the charger cable back in and tried to power it on but no luck. I then plugged the battery back in and still no luck. The little white charger light and the keyboard lights turns on for about 10 seconds and then turn off. 

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If the light on the adapter goes off when it is plugged into the laptop, that signifies a short. It could be the adapter, the DC jack, or the MB. Disconnecting the adapter from the wall outlet for a few seconds then plugging it back in will reset the charger but plugging it back into the laptop will cause the light to go out until the short is corrected.

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Try a power refresh and check if this resolves the problem. Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds to drain any residual power from the laptop, then release the button. Reconnect and switch on the charger to the laptop (leave the battery out at this stage). Try to turn on the laptop

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