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Purchased 6 Laptops, all of them are faulty!

We purchased 6 business laptops less than a year ago and all of them are having battery issues (not charging). We have returned one under warrenty and they acknowledged the issue but refuse to tell us what it is. All we know is that they replaced everything, to do with power; the charger, the charging port, the battery, the power unit.

The issue we have is that we have 5 more that are broken and we cannot possibly ship them all back at once as this will leave everyone in the office without means of work.

Frankly we have lost ALL confidence in DELL - they know that they sent a whole batch of broken laptops yet they refuse to send someone to fix this, and instead force us to send each one back individually.

\After a month of pleading Dell offered to send an engineer to our office but said he would only fix 1 laptop whilst there as a courtesy to us. A courtesy?! what a joke, they sent us 6 broken laptops!

Does anyone have a contact email /phone number for complaints? There is Cleary a significant quality control issue at Dell and will likely be the last of our business purchases.




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There are a number of questions:

What model systems?  You've posted in the Inspiron forum;  Inspirons are consumer systems, not business.

Were these purchased with onsite service or basic return-to-depot warranties?


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