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WavesMaxxAudio is using CRAZY CPU percentage contantly

I think this is a new problem. Maybe from an update of something?

I have a Dell Inspiron 5502. Running 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 1.69 GHz

I just noticed a few hours ago that WavesSysSvc Service application and WavesMaxxAudio Service Application are constantly running high CPU. Upward to 25% EACH, and non stop.

I first noticed it because I have a constant temperature reading in the system tray (CrystalDiskInfo). I noticed it was running warmer than it should, so I checked the task manager.

These programs are part of Realtek Audio driver. I guess they are specific to Dell products.

I checked to see if driver was up to date, and Device Manager said it was, but I uninstalled it anyway, and downloaded a new one (from Dell .com/Support.)

Sure enough, when I restarted the computer, it started with the high, constant CPU usage. It was not always like this.

And now, I just noticed, that WavesMaxxAudio is NOT even working properly, because if I plug my external speakers into the headphone jack, they are NOT recognized. What is going on?

I read online in another thread from a few years ago, that maybe a new Windows update might have caused it.



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Also, do I even need WavesMaxxAudio? Can I just delete WavesMaxxAudio and the WavesSysSvc programs? Even if I disable WavesMaxxAudio to run at start up, the WavesSysSvc will be running constantly at 15-25%.

This has to be an issue with other people with Dell Laptops.

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I noticed on the task manager, the WavesSysSvc has a drop-down arrow. I click the arrow, and beneath the WavesSysSvc Service Application is shown Waves Audio Services.

If I right click that Waves Audio Services and choose "Open Services", it appears that Waves Audio Services is in a constant "starting" phase. It never says "running".

That has to be part of the problem.


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If I try to open the MaxxAudio Pro by Waves program I get a message

"The Waves Audio Driver is not supported by your current audio codec."




I guess I will not have any Audio output on my Dell laptop until either Dell, Microsoft or Realtek can figure out what has gone wrong. I can't have WavesMaxxAudio and WavesSysSvc using 50% or more of my CPU, burning the thing up, constantly running the cooling fan, and the stupid thing doesn't even recognize my external speakers when I plug them in.


I guess there are no solutions?  I just ran Dell Support Assist. I updated/installed everything recommended. I once again re-installed the latest version of Realtek Audio driver, recommended by Dell Support, Even though I already downloaded and installed the very same Realtek Driver earlier today, but Dell support couldn't see that? Argh!

Nothing works. I can use the external speakers IF and ONLY IF I restart the computer with the external speakers connected. If I disconnect the external speakers while the laptop is on, and then reconnect, The laptop will NOT recognize the headphone jack was just plugged in. I would have to restart.

This is really aggravating. Especially, since I seem to be talking to myself on this community board



updates pending from DELL.JPG

updates pending from DELL 2.JPG


Well, I followed these instructions from a Reddit post, to get rid of Waves MaxxAudio or WavesSysSvc controlling <Profanity removed.TOS73> my external speaker connectivity.

Now when I plug or unplug my external speakers into the headphone jack, they are INSTANTLY recognized, and no 50% CPU usage garbage.

Too bad Dell has no support on community boards.


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LOL. Well back to square one, because even though the above solution worked (allowed audio output with both laptop speakers and headphone speakers, AND detected headphones every time upon connecting), the above older-version driver kept giving a popping or thumping sound when adjusting volume control, or even accessing a website that had audio.


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It might depend on something else you are running, such as Chrome..

Waves doesn't normally just start using processing power. So possibly you have a corrupted install or something else is involved.

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thanks for the reply. I'm starting to think it started happening when I updated Windows 10 to version 21H2. That happened on March 2.

I now remember that for the last few weeks (maybe), when I would plug in my external speakers into the headphone jack, it would take longer than usual for the computer to recognize the speakers (about 5-8 seconds). It used to be almost instant.

Now, with my obsessive fiddling with installing new drivers, etc. My computer doesn't recognize my headphones at all, at least when I plug them in while computer is on. 

The very first thing I did was run an sfc /scannow of my computer and there were no corrupted files found.

I've given up, until I can find some response online. Someone else has to have this same problem.



ich have the same problem with that software, meanwhile on my 2nd Dell Laptop (Precision 3561).

Some additional strange behaviors on my System, while the audio driver is running:

- When opening the device-manager, the list is constantliy refreshing, as if some entry was just re-installed.

- In the control panel -> sound -> recording: there is an entry from my Webcam-microphone. It is permantently switching between "ready" and "disabled".

Nothing helped so far (updates etc), other than ending the task.




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