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dell inspiron gaming 7577 flickering screen

dell inspiron gaming 7577 flickering screen when dell logo show up an cannot see anything on the desktop

but when I disable intel hd 630 on device manager the problem solve but everithing become lag
pleease, is there any fix to this
spec I7 7700hg, gtx 1060maxq+intell hd 630, ram 16gb singe, ssd nvme 256 gb, ssd msata 1tb

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triying use dell suport assistant no fix, same issue occur
and hdmi port not working

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Found new fix, seting up physX from autoselect to nvidia 1060maxq did not show flickering, I hope this permanen solution
- reInstaling windows 3 times did not work, after install every version intel hd driver flickering show up
- flickering did not happen when using ubuntu 16 and arclinux on usb flashdisk

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You can click the link below for information about flickering.

Why does my LCD screen become DIM or sometimes flicker or brighten intermittently?




Run the bist (build in self test) with the laptop powered down hold down the d key and press the power button does the screen flicker now to ?.


my bios does not have that setting


when flickering happen while I press power and d key, only show up white screen and flickering
whitout press d key, dell logo show up with flickering, then enter windows with flickering, then black screen with flickering and cannot see anithing
but when I disable intel hd before shuting down its normal no flickering  happen
so now I disable intel hd before shutdown,  and enable it when desktop show up, then disable again before shutdown

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