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How to use Rapid Upgrade Checker utility


- This video shows how to use the tool.

The PowerProtect DP Rapid Upgrade Checker utility validates all upgrade prechecks and shows us a consolidated status with remedy information for failed checks. The same remedy information can be used to resolve or mitigate those issues to make the appliance fit for Upgrade. The PowerProtect DP Rapid Upgrade Checker utility can also be used for post-upgrade checks.


This article shows how to perform the below steps.

  • How to download a Rapid Upgrade Checker utility.
  • Transfer file to PPDP.
  • How to run the Rapid Upgrade Checker utility.
  • How to copy results to get help.


How to download the tool:

  • Tools and Hotfixes are generally posted on the support site. To download the PowerProtect DP Rapid Upgrade Checker (PPDP RUC) tool.



Transfer file to PPDP: 

  • Once the required file is downloaded, we need to transfer the file to PPDP.
  • We can use any of the file transfer tools to move the file across.
  • Below example shows files being moved from the downloads folder to /data01

Note: Use root user and credential while logging to file transfer tool and navigate to /data01



How to Run the Rapid Upgrade Checker.

  • To run the tool, we have to login to PPDP using a command-line utility.
  • Login using root user and password.
  • Once logged in navigate to the location where the file was copied.


  • Unzip the RUC by running.
    • unzip
    • After extracting the zip file navigate to the extracted folder.



  • To run the tool type java -jar <filename>



  • Upon pressing enter, the tools start to run.

Examples shown is from test machine, so does not report many issues.


  • The tool checks different settings and configurations. Shows result as it progresses.






  • Towards the end, it shows what action needs to be taken.
  • If the customer knows how to fix it, they can attempt to fix it or call support to get a resolution.




How to collect logs to open support tickets.

  • Running the tool generates two files which are stored in /tmp directory.
  • Using the file transfer tool, we can collect the logs.


- Customer can use these two files to open SR for assistance.


If you have any feedback, please leave a comment.


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