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I installed and configured the IDPA 4400 last year. The original plan was to repurpose our old DD2500 as a co-location repository. Resent changes in industry standards have forced us to scrap that plan. I'm now in search of a Dell single solution that will allow us to copy or replicate backups made by the IDPA in the cloud and also give us some DR capabilities. Some loose research says that CDRA might fit our needs. Can anyone who uses this system confirm?



Matthew Sherman

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My company uses the IDPA 4400.  I setup CDRA on-premise and then within Azure setup the CDRS.  Been doing this that way since June 2020 and it works very well for what my company's requirements are.  

There was a bit of a learning curve on configuring Azure properly but once I figured that out, it has been smooth sailing as I have not had to modify the configuration in Azure.

I perform quarterly DR tests and have not run into a huge amount of problems.  I will say that you cannot use uefi vms in house as they will not be compatible to replicate/restore in Azure.  That being said, I had to rebuild a few machines to overcome that hurdle.  

On another note, be aware of renewing your support contract.  I find the support contract renewal to be overly expensive which is causing me to look into other alternatives over the course of this next year.

One feature I wish they had was being able to email reports on failures to replicating to the cloud or when a SLA has not been met.  Not a huge deal for me to log in each day to check but something like this should be automated.

Best of luck.

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