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VMware backup : How to add new clients to take Image level backup .

Check the previous two post which explained. 

How to add add vCenter.  : VMware Backup : How to add vcenter 

How to deploy external proxy .  VMware Backup : How to deploy External Proxy after adding vCenter

Add VM’s to Groups and schedule backups.

After the proxy has been deployed, we would have to assign it to a policy which would be running backup below is a example where we are adding proxy and VM’s to Default virtual machine group.




Add proxy to policy



Add Members to Policy, we can either select one or all the VM’s.



Select “/VMware image Dataset”



Select appropriate Schedule, we have selected “ /Daily Schedule”




Retention makes sure how long the backup would be present on the system.



Confirm summary and adding proxy and VM’s are complete.




Once the backup starts running at scheduled time you can check the progress in activity window.




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