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VMware backup : How to add vcenter

Note: This is an overview, we recommend users go through administrator guide to understand it in more detail.

Most backup work on client server model, where customer machines files are backed up and storage in protection storage, since we can’t install client on VM’s we deploy Proxy VM’s on customer infrastructure and take backup.

Below steps explain in detail what are the steps required to setup VMware backup.


To take VMware backup, we must follow these basic steps.

  • Add vCenter to protection software
  • Deploy proxy on customer vCenter.
  • Add VM’s to groups and policy to take schedule backups.

Adding vCenter.

This is the important step in backing up VMware infrastructure, customer must create a user with all necessary permission before adding vcenter to protection software.

vCenter can be added from Asset management >> ADD CLIENT.


Client Type Needs to be VMware vCenter



In this example we are using administrator as example, in production environment customer should use a dedicated backup user.


Finish adding the vCenter by reviewing summary and select Add.



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