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VMware backup : How to deploy External Proxy after adding vCenter

Deploying proxy is made easy with Proxy Management and Proxy Deployment options in AUI.

  • Prerequisite.
    • vcenter already added to protection software
    • Make sure there is a free IP address.
    • Ensure IP address/Hostname has been added to DNS with forward and backward lookup.
    • General network details such as IP address, subnet, and gateway.

Once the prerequisite is checked we can proceed to deploy proxy.




Select correct vcenter under which new proxy needs to be deployed. In this example we are selecting vcenterserver2 and Create Recommendation


This would create list of new proxy recommendation based on number of VM’s and change rate. Below example we are going to deploy new proxy on ESX4.


Highlighting new proxy using the edit button on the top ,

Below screen would pop up and enter details verified as part of prerequisite,


Save the new proxy details and Proxy manager would start deploying proxy. 


Status in vCenter 


Proxy Deployment manager would contact vCenter and try to deploy the proxy and register with Protection software.


Once the proxy is deployed and registered with protection software, we should be able to see a success status. in case of failure proxy would get auto deleted and we would have to redeploy the proxy with correct network settings.

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