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#postupgrade : How to upgrade external VMware Proxy for IDPA

Below are the steps in upgrading the proxy using the Proxy Deployment Manager. 

Verify the below steps before upgrading proxy 
- Make sure the Avamar version upgrade activity has been completed. 
- No VMware backup or restore in progress. 

Upgrading proxy using MCS

log in to Avamar administrator and select VMware to access Proxy Deployment Manager.  


Select correct (External)  vCenter from " choose a vCenter " and click  " Create Recommendation".


Once the recommendation has been created, the Proxy which needs to be upgraded is shown with the UP arrow. Select Apply 


Confirm Upgrade by clicking " Continue".

PDM would contact vCenter in the background and upgrade proxy.


Verify upgraded proxy deployed in Vcenter. 

Upgrade of proxy is complete

Upgrading Proxy using AUI 

Starting 18.2 we have a new web console that can be accessed by typing https://<hostname>/aui. we can access proxy management and upgrade proxy. 


The proxy which needs to be upgraded would show up with the thunderbolt. 




  • Upgrading proxy using PDM will only work if the proxy were previously deployed using PDM.
  • Non-standard proxy would not get upgraded via PDM eg: more than one nic. 


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