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17R 7720 No Documentation - We badly need something!

There is absolutely no documentation for my new laptop. There once was a so called "Owners Manual" in November that was really a guide to diasassemble the hardware. We nee a real "Users Manual" that explains the BIOS and the interaction with Windows 8 with the Boot Manager. Otherwise we are all poking in the dark as "Trial and Error".  This information is very specific to the Dell/Phoenix BIOS design and not forthcoming from Microsoft.  Here is proof with my service tag taken out. I hope this is not the new normal for corporate cost saving measures?


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I see dozens and dozens of SALES jobs, but only 4 technical writer jobs on the DELL careers website - I suspect they really need to add a few more openings for writers!

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I'll tell you why that is,... They need more sales reps to run around in order to gain back customers to replace all the ones leaving because most of us have become so disenfranchised with them.   I mean I know new systems, it's windows 8 teething issues but no dang Manuals What it gods name are they thinking. Glad I have good technical skills, feel sorry for those who may have just enough but may need a guiding hand where at least a user manual could help them.

Just goes to show you, yet another once fine proud American company who took outsourcing to far so some fat cats in wall street had their numbers met and pockets stuffed, now it's starting to bite them all in the tail as it all goes down the great big American toilet.  

Look at the mess Boeing got themselves into with the 787 Dreamliner, oh it's a Dream all right, more like a Nightmare.3 years over due, Billions over budget everything that was outsourced Boeing had to send Engineers out to correct production issues not only to the Tier 3 contactors but even Tier 1.. Seriously they should rename the thing the 787 Screamliner for that horror show.

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For those looking, though they may not be accessible via Dells website. for now you can find them on their Public FTP site -

Filezilla works in Windows 8 if you need a nice FTP Client as well as the site takes Anonymous Logins.
I only posted the links for the English-US Versions, the FTP site has all the multilingual guides as well in the same directory as the ones posted.

Last Update Jan-15-2013
Last Update Aug-23-2012
Last Update Jan-15-2013
Last Update Jan-15-2013
Last Update Jan-15-2013


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BTW, you can paste those links into IE address bar , and it will download the file (no ftp client required)

I do like FileZilla, though, been using it for my webservers for years...


PS, the reference guide doesn't open properly in my PDF viewer ( I just get a table of contents, plus a flash icon inside...) - anybody actually get that file to open right?

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Yes Cut and Paste into IE works.. reference to Filezilla was for those who may need to find the other language versions.

Also, some of the .PDF files actually need the official Adobe Reader to open.. I had the same problem, installed Adobe Reader XI and they work.  Some of them are interactive now.

Funny thing here - I posted the links the last night and now ---- The  My Dell Support Center tile on my Windows 8 Desktop functions if you select "Owners Manual" it will take them to you instead of the error page we where all seeing

Even funnier - now their censoring me, I posted back to this and they took it down on what they state was a terms violation.

I don't think they like the fact that I had called them out in other terms.

And on a sad note for Dell  

After this whole fiasco with my own personal 17R SE 7720 BIOS issues, Double Power Button to Boot, Missing Manuals, GPU Throttle Issues, along with all the other potential issues I see being posted, motherboard replaced by dell technician they leave and Nvidia GPU now doesn't work and the OP on that had it done twice to them, or keyboard became loose,along with I'm still waiting for my promised call back from support and the lack of support I see on the forums here from dell.

Has now lead me to this....

I contacted my largest client as I do consulting work for Medical Practices, and Medical Clinics and have some fairly large ones in my area and told them.
I think we should start considering our 2nd choice of using Lenovo for laptops instead since we have had good experiences with them in the past and to me I think Dell has been losing it's edge. This fiasco has just re-enforced that for me.  Potential Loss - an order for 200+ Units (Desktops/Laptops/Servers/Storage Units) I'm just going to steer them to other vendors and in other directions now avoiding Dell.

The Health care industry here in the US is changing drastically when it comes to technology because Federal Laws have been enacted which require practices that accept federal backed benefits (Medicare or Medicaid) they all have to have ALL their medical records stored electronically it's call (EMR - Electronic Medical Records) and it needs to be completed by the end of 2014 after that the government will start levying penalties.

<sigh> Once was a good company now falling on the wayside like other great American companies. Sad :(

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