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600m will not power up.

I picked up my 600m this morning to move it across my desk, and the screen went black as I was lifting it. Now, the power button does absolutely nothing... EXCEPT, when I hit the button, if the power supply is attached, the light goes out. (Short circuit self-protect?) If I remove the laptop battery, the power supply light will go out immediately as I attach it.

Does the 600m have any sort of separate power supply board or anything I could reseat, or is it all one unified motherboard? The unit is still under warranty but I'm dreading dealing with dell's support.
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I just had the same happen with my Inspiron 8500. I don't want to mess with the motherboard (i tried new power supply, etc,) Does anyone know the process for sending a notebook in to be repaired?
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I have had the exact same problem.  I first purchased a new power cord it seemed to help at first but now I think that was just luck of the draw.  Sometimes it will power right up, sometimes it begins to power up and then dies and sometimes it is just dead.  Whenever it does power up it cuts off anytime I move the computer so I have had to keep it perfectly still while in use.
I have come to the conclusion that it must be a short some place in the system (which in my case is two years old) but I don't know what to do about it.
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Everything inside except the board under the button panel is one single board.
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