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7537 trackpad freezing randomly


I've had an issue that has become more frequent over the last month or so with the laptop, when regularly browsing the trackpad cursor will freeze for a couple of seconds and then be fine again. Could the trackpad be failing? I still have complete care warranty on the laptop if that is the issue.

I'm just wondering are there any diagnostic tests I can do to check if this is a software/hardware problem? 

I don't think it's a system resource problem, i've looked at the tast manager and CPU/RAM/Hard Drive usage rarely goes above 50%. 

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This is could a driver or operating system issue. Have you reinstalled the touchpad driver? Run the ePSA dignostic test.

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Hi Chris, I ran a diagnostics test and it turns out the hard drive is failing. I have been onto customer support and they are going to replace the hard drive. Hopefully that will solve the issue.

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