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BIOS clock slow- Not due to CMOS battery

Hey appears I'm having some issues with a slow clock.  I have an XPS M1330.  Initially, it would fall behind a few hours each day, INCLUDING the BIOS time.  Also I noticed frequent Wi-Fi disconnections, as well as when I would shut down the laptop, it would not completely shut down.  It would go into what I believe would be an "idle" state, showing the blue power LED still being lit.  I would have to then manually shut down the laptop by holding the power button.  That was the only way of getting it out of the so-called "idle" state.  So first thing I decided to try was to replace the CMOS battery which was the first suggestion.  After replacing the CMOS battery, I got about 2 weeks of flawless performance; no slow clock, and no powering off issues.  Now, the clock is running slow again and I can't seem to figure out why.  I updated to the latest BIOS (A14 I believe), which seemed to work for about a day, now it's back to being slow again.  It is not shutting down properly either.  When I check the BIOS time, it is also incorrect.  I'm not sure if this a motherboard issue or what but any suggestions or ideas would be great. 

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You might want to try and do a repair on the OS by following the info HERE.

If that does not work then the other two options are Factory restore or Clean reinstall. Note that both of these will completly wipe out your current system and unless you back up your data it will be lost. You will also have to reload all your programs that did not come preinstalled if using the Factory restore option or all the programs if doing  the clean install.

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Updating once the laptop's time has been going backwards?  Not sure if that means anything different than it just being slow but I wanted to see.  It's still not shutting down properly as it goes into some sort of "idle" state that can only be gotten out of by holding the power button and turning the laptop off.  Still looking for any help or answers.

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I wanted to bump this because I really want to see if anyone has any idea or answers as to what this could be or how to fix it so I can save myself some money and not buy a new motherboard.

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