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Can I replace my broken TN screen with an IPS panel? (XPS 15z)


I am currently in town visiting my parents and their Dell XPS 15z laptop screen is damaged and becoming unusable.

I've never had to replace the screen on a laptop yet but it looks like it's not too hard to do. I've been doing some research and it looks like the replacement screen should be the same as the existing panel to avoid any compatibility issues.

However, I have seen discussion online where people have replaced their screens with a higher resolution screen or even an IPS display when the original was a TN panel.

I'm trying to narrow down the exact model of the XPS 15z but I don't have access to the laptop at the moment. I'll have the model number in a couple of hours.

Here's what I do know though. The screen is definitely a TN panel and 1080p. There are fairly priced replacement 1080p TN screens available online that I can get expedited and replace before I leave next week. However, I've also found replacement IPS screens for the XPS 15z, which I would prefer to get instead.

What I've noticed in the description of the IPS screens is that they always say 'SLIM' in the title. I know that CCFL backlit screens tend to be thicker than LED backlit screens, so that may be where the 'SLIM' comes from. I would hate to get an IPS display and then find out that it fits loosely/or doesn't fit at all when I try to replace it.

From what I can tell, all Dell XPS 15z 1080p screens are LED backlit, so I'm hoping that the IPS and TN screens are the same dimensions, but I really don't know and can't find dimensions online.

Would anyone know if I can replace the Dell XPS 15z panel with an IPS display?

Also, it looks like they both use a 40-pin connector in the same location, so that part of it shouldn't be a problem.

Any information would be very much appreciated!


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Ran the Dell model recognition software on the XPS 15z.

The existing screen part # is 8KNK5, described exactly as:

Also it looks like the top left of the screen turning black is a common issue with the XPS 15z. Laptop is long out of warranty so that's unfortunate.

Any ideas?

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The technology (TN or IPS) does not matter - as long as you get a screen known to be compatible with your system model.  Notebook LCDs are not universally interchangeable - the system will recognize only those screens it shipped with when the model line was designed and built.

As long as your seller guarantees compatibility, you should be able to use the IPS screen you want.

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