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Customer Service call misinformation (Dell XPS 15 9550)

I bought a Dell Xps 15 last year from the Dell Canada website and recently noticed that my trackpad was raised above its original resting point, an issue which has been reported on this forum before.

I called customer support about it but well my warranty ran out a few months ago. When I brought up the issue of the trackpad, the agent said that Dell needed to replace the trackpad. However I had looked online about this issue and found multiple post attributing this issue to the battery swelling. However, the agent told me the battery of the Dell xps model I had was under the keyboard, and would not cause issues with the trackpad. I reiterated what I saw online, also stating that there were answers on the dell forums approved by moderators which stated the issue was battery swelling.

The agent persisted in saying how they somehow had a different model, but said that Dell could also replace the battery for me if I sent it to them. This operation would cost me around 400-500 CAD (don't remember exact number).

At this point, I was starting to believe him because he is after all a worker for Dell and the xps line should be a flagship line where they have good knowledge of the laptop. He said that if the battery was swelling, the bottom portion of the screen would also swell, which I observed is not the case. As such I thought it was just an issue with the trackpad, and decided to let it go, since I wasn't about to go spend 500$ to repair a still functional trackpad. What had me worried in the first place was battery swelling and exploding.

Today, as I was browsing youtube videos I saw a guide on how to replace the trackpad and when I watched it, the battery on this dell xps 15 model that seems identical to mine is under the trackpad. Somehow along the long conversation with the agent, I had forgotten about the simple fact that there was no way for the battery to be under the keyboard since there are fans there.

Now considerably frustrated at Dell Canada's support, with whom I had bad experiences prior to this too, I've come here to vent it out a litter and ask for some advice. With this being misinformation about something that can potentially be a safety hazard, is there any way for me to get some sort of compensation such as a replacement battery? And if that is not the case, does someone know of a reliable source for a 56whr replacement battery for xps 15 9550 that ships to Canada?

Sorry for the really long post but I'm just really disappointed right now at my experience with a high end product with a high price tag that turned so sour.

(By the way, does Dell record phone conversations with their call centers because that's my only proof for this happening)

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Please do go ahead and send me a friend request including your service tag and email address. I'll see what I can do.

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