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DELL 06X37M A00 Motherboard - RAM Upgrade

I have a DELL Laptop that's running on Intel Core i5 3337U, I feel the system is running slow for the past few days once I try running the VMWare to run Ubuntu. I would prefer to upgrade the RAM, if that helps in better speed and processing. At present I have a 4 GB RAM

Could you please suggest me the maximum RAM supported for DELL 06X37M A00 Motherboard and the MAX frequency that it can clock.

Also suggestions on which brand of RAM to use for the upgrade would also be very helpful.

Note: CPU-Z screenshots attached for more information.

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6X37M is the part number for the Inspiron 15-3521, not a motherboard. This five year old system can use up to 8GB DDR3 1600MHz SODIMM (Two 4GB sticks, part numbers DG29K, NWMX1, FYHV1. You should check your Dell invoice and match the current 4GB part number to the ones listed above.

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Thank you so much Chris, also can you please let me know how to find the Motherboard used in Inspiron 15-3521.

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Chris as advised also took a look into the DELL manuals and found that it can support upto 16 GB guide_en-us.pdf


Connectors Two internally-accessible SODIMM connectors


Inspiron 3521 Dual-channel DDR3

Inspiron 3537 Dual-channel DDR3L

Speed Up to 1600 MHz

Configurations supported 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB

Can you please advise if its really possible, your help on this regard would be really grateful

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It's one of these:

Yes, it'll take up to 2x8 = 16 G RAM.

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