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Dell Inspiron 1545 Goes into Sleep mode randomly

Hello Everyone, I have a customer who has a Dell Inspiron 1545, and it goes to sleep randomly.

Here is what it is doing:

  • When typing a document in Microsoft Office, Word Document, and even Notepad the computer will power down into sleep mode
    • It won't lose it's data, but it won't let you boot up for a little bit either.
    • It will boot back to a login screen then your right where you left off
    • Doesn't take a long time for it to happen either
  • While hosting a presentation user was able to stay on for 1.5 hours with no trouble, much longer than typing a word document would have allowed
  • Computer will cut off on battery, or while plugged in

I'm not sure what's causing the issue, but here is what I have done

  • Taken the laptop apart, and blown it clear of all dust (very little in there)
  • Ran Disk Cleanup (Despite thinking it's hardware related)
  • Checked that the Power plan was optimal
  • Scanned for Viruses

Anyone have suggestions?


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Sounds like he has a key stroke that is putting it into sleep.

- How does the user wake it out of sleep.

- are there any messages in Event Viewer

- Run CCleaner - powercfg are registry entries, and if corrupt stuff like this happen.

- Try turning off sleep, to see what happen, then see what happens when you turn it back on.  Sometimes that will fix those issues.

- Try updating the BIOS - as also check BIOS events, unlikely, but check anyway.

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- he has to use the power button, but it doesn't boot up right away.

- no messages appear in event viewer

Your last three I haven't thought of, and I will test them out.

Thanks again for the quick response!

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You won't believe what I'm about to say, but ask your customer if he/she has a magnetic wrist band on the left hand. DELL laptops have a sensor on the left side - and if you touch it with a magnet the result will be the sleep mode without any obvious reason. So naturally there would be no trouble with showing a presentation since in that case you hardly touch your laptop.

I had the same problem and I was completely sure there's something very wrong with my very new laptop. Turns out my computer was just fine. Now I'm sitting with the same wrist band on my right hand and everything is fine.

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Thank you!   My client was wearing a FitBit smart watch and every time she went to type something the laptop went to sleep and your post made me think it was her FitBit - it was!

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