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Dell Inspiron N5050 - Brightness not working

Hello Dell Team,

I have a new Dell Inspiron N5050 Laptop, however am unable to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen using "Fn" key and F4 and F5 key's.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate OS

I have tried a combination of only F4 key (without fn key) however its not decreasing. Could you please answer my issue ASAP.I have checked the device manager found no non updated drivers there.


Anil Pinto

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Is Dell quickset installed?  The chipset driver?

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Hello ejn63,

Please let me know how to check whether it is installed or not. Am new to this world pls...

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Hi Anil_Pinto,

Normally you would find a quickset icon in the toolbar and also in the start menu. (Refer to the attached pictures).


You could click on the below links to download the quickset and the chipset driver.



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I am using Dell Inspiron N4010 but when I followed the download link you mentioned, I found that it is not compatible with my model. What should I do? 

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