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Dell Studio 1745 will not boot

My wifes Studio 1745 just died.  It's about 14 months old and now it will not boot.

When it is switched on the button lights up and the lights across the top of the keyboard switch on and off in sequence and then all stay on.  The fan starts and continues running.  Sounds like the hard disk may start and the DVD drive makes some mechanical noises.  About 10 seconds after starting a soft clicking noise seems to come from the speaker under the case; this click continues about every 3 seconds.  The screen remains black.

Hitting F2 or F8 does not start any setup modes.  I have removed the RAM, hard disk and DVD drive and refitted, as per the Dell support site.  When the RAM was removed the system produced a no-ram beep code when started.

When the PC initially failed to boot I inserted a Dell Recovery Disk and tried booting from there but still no startup.  The Recovery Disk is now stuck in the DVD Drive and there seems to be no method to extract this.

If anyone has encountered this problem and resolved it I would greatly appreciate your help.


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You are not alone. I have the same problem as you discribe. I have been searched on the Internet, but no luck.

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The motherboard was faulty and had to be replaced.  We were not told wat the fault was on the board.

Also, when the laptop failed to boot I inserted a rescue disk into the DVD drive and could not eject it.  The drive was replaced because of mechanical damage.  We don't know if the damage occurred inserting the DVD or the Dell Tech damaged the player removing the disk.

The Studio 1745 was purchased in USA and we have now moved to Australia.  The US warranty is not international so we had to get Dell to transfer the Service Tag to Australia and we were then able to purchase another 12 month warranty for about $270 AUD.  The motherboard and DVD were replaced by Dell under the new warranty.

We have now purchased a cooling pad to circulate additional air through the laptop on the assumption that lack of cooling may have been the initial cause of failure.

After having the unit repaired we are now noticing bright red pixels in dark areas of the screen.  We will be calling Dell Support shortly.

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Same (exact) problem here.  I to renewed the warrenty and will be sending it in for repair.

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First, get a paperclip and bend it straight. Find the tiny hole on the front of the DVD drive and push the paperclip in until the DVD door pops open (about 1 inch or so). That will get the CD out.

Make sure your RAM is properly inserted (very important) with the bay door closed. Reseat your hard drive again, it seems like it isn't installed properly. Remove the battery, count to 30, then reinstall the battery. This should get you back to where the BIOS initializes, and the boot sequence should start. Then start over with the installation.

Rich from PA

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