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Dell XPS 15 9560 Freezing and Lagging

In need of a new power book, I decided to purchase the new XPS 15 9560 (16ram, 512ssd, 1080p). Some day in the future, scholars will maintain that this was the worst decision ever made by an individual in American history. This is my tale of warning. If you want the spark notes: DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP.

Within the first couple days of owning the laptop, I began to notice that simple tasks like writing an email or browsing a webpage were painful enough to make a grown man cry. Freezing and lagging, lasting anywhere from 5-30 seconds at a time, started to occur on an intermittent basis. A brand new, $2,000 laptop that couldn't run chrome or gmail, awesome.

Given that I would be using this laptop for my business, I had splurged on Pro Support Plus ($400 for 3 years), which allowed me to talk to useless, lying individuals with American accents instead of Indian accents. It also meant 24/7 support, which is great, because if you buy this laptop, you're going to be spending your entire day (and night) on the phone with tech support.

I purchased this laptop on 2/1/2017. Today is 4/11/2017. I just received my THIRD NON-WORKING LAPTOP.

Laptop #1 - After spending 5 hours on the phone with tech support, not only did she have no clue how to fix the problem, but by the end of our session, I could no longer sign in to the laptop, losing a weeks worth of work on the hard drive (I know, my fault), and being told that they would send a technician out to replace the hard drive. He came (2 hours late), swapped the hard drive, problem persisted. They wanted to keep trouble shooting remotely, and INSISTED that there were no other people reporting this problem. I asked for a new laptop.

Laptop #2 - Same problem, but this time, despite Dell continuing to insist that I'm just "really unlucky" and that "this isn't a problem we've been seeing", I would not be given a new laptop, I would be forced to endure a unique torture in the form of 3+ weeks of remote tech support, easily 20+ hours spent on the phone, only to be asked to send the laptop back to them for in-house diagnostics to be run. After my tech guy had the laptop for 3 days, he insisted that he was not seeing the problem. Despite spending dozens of hours on the phone with me, and knowing that this was something that happens briefly and then goes back to normal, I HAD TO ASK HIM whether or not he had given it his undivided attention in order to catch it (aka don't multitask on something that requires serious attention). Of course, he had not. Upon doing so the next morning, he immediately saw the problem (4 days just to SEE the problem), so he kept if for 2 more days, still not finding a solution. Eventually he decided to send me a 3rd laptop. Still insisting that this isn't a problem people are having.

Laptop #3 - Received yesterday, same problem, will be returning for full refund. I emailed him today and included multiple DELL FORUMS that show many people having the same problem. Can't wait for the response on that one.

Things to take away:

1. This laptop is a hot, steaming pile of landfill.

2. Dell support are lying puppets and I should have done my own research sooner.

3. You should always backup your data.

4. I will never purchase anything from Dell again for as long as I live and I will make it my personal mission to deter every person that I possibly can from buying from Dell.

5. I may have lost two months of my life, but I will never forget the pain.

6. Companies are going to use early adopters as beta testers, but not admitting when you have a serious, recurring issue is pretty scummy.

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Welcome to our community.

We’re listening. Thank you for sharing the detailed explanation of the issues that you are facing. We understand your frustration, sorry about that. We certainly don’t want our customers being upset and inconvenienced. We’ll surely try and assist you in resolving the issue. We might have to update the BIOS and rest of the drivers like the chipset and video drivers. We request you to provide us the following information through a private message, so that we can check for more details and assist you.

1. Service tag
2. Email address
3. Registered owner’s name of the system

We thank you for your cooperation.
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Dude, you realise that this issue is solved as easily as updating to the latest Intel Display Drivers, right? It's not Dell's fault, really, but they should indeed know how to fix it - as it is a VERY common issue. Dell has not updated these drivers on their website even though they're defective. Download the latest .zip file for the Intel GPU driver (from Intel, NOT DELL) and follow the following steps:

Open Device Manager

Find the Intel 630 in the Graphics Adapters

Right Click, Update Driver

Update Driver manually

Browse my computer for driver software

Let me pick

Have disk, navigate to extracted zip file contents and the "Graphics" folder within.

Should show a Graphics 620 driver afterwards, and click install.

Then reboot and your laptop won't lag anymore. BAM fixed.

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I appreciate your response and will give this a last effort. While it may be a simple fix, I'm not well versed enough to know, which is why I PAID Dell to provide support and to know how to fix issues such as this (rather than lie and pretend like I'm the only one with a problem).

If you just provided a solution in a post that took you less than 5 minutes to write, you are infinitely more useful than each of the 6+ tech support individuals who have wasted two months to solve absolutely nothing. Will report back.

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I updated the driver 2 days ago, and so far so good. Not holding my breath yet, but it's the longest it's gone without issue since first receiving the laptop.

If this is indeed a fix for the problem (and a simple fix at that), it is just that much more incomprehensibly maddening how much time I've wasted on the phone with useless, uninformed Dell employees. Dell should be ashamed with the way they're handling this issue.

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Additionally: I experienced bad stuttering / lag with my own new XPS 15 9560 / 4K / 32GB / 1TB SSD / etc. Turned out to be default settings in some of the video software. So - along with updating the BIOS (now on 1.2.4) and Intel and NVidia drivers, I had to change a couple of settings. See:

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It is somehow relieving to see that someone else is as frustrated (or maybe more) than I am with this machine! I was thrilled when I finally received my XPS 15 9560 in the mail - until I tried using Google Chrome and realized this machine might not be ready for prime time. Since then, I have been frustrated by frequent crashes that seem to come out of nowhere. The only software installed is MS Office and a few Adobe programs.

I have never had a device restart this often at any point - constant driver errors, the specific driver seems to change though. This is after spending several hours on the phone with tech support and more reading online for solutions - at this point in my life, my time is worth far too much to keep calling in for long support sessions. This is simply unacceptable to me for a brand new machine that cost over $2k. I was excited to experience a top of the line Windows 10 machine, but this is significantly less reliable than an 8 year old $450 (display model) desktop from Best Buy (also running windows 10).

Before posting here, the computer just crashed a few times in a row due to the VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR and now it has finally loaded but the NVIDIA drivers seem to be missing entirely. If I am eligible for a refund, I will gladly trade this thing for something else! Very disappointed because it seemed great on paper and the screen really is incredible. I simply cannot afford to try figuring out what the problem is with this computer.

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Sorry to hear that you're experiencing an even worse laptop than I was. I would strongly recommend looking at the reddit forums related to this laptop, as in my experience, dell support is completely useless.

After months of dell tech members not knowing how to solve my lagging/freezing, the person above (Froz3n) gave me a solution that took less than 10 minutes to execute, and I found that many people on reddit were using the same fix.

Over a month later, my machine is still running smoothly (no thanks to Dell).

But on the bright side, with the useless tech support having cost me 2 months of time, and providing plenty of headaches and false promises, I was awarded with, wait for it... 4 extra months of tech support! And they acted as if they were doing me a favor by offering this. Top notch stuff Dell, way to bring your A-game.

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